“colectiv” documentary – Romania’s proposal for the Oscars 2021

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The documentary film “colectiv”, directed by Alexander Nanau, is Romania’s proposal for the Oscar awards in 2021, competing in “the best international feature film” section, previously known as “the best foreign language film”.

It is the first time that a documentary film is proposed by Romania to race for the American Film Awards.

Moreover, the US distributors of the movie, Magnolia Pictures and Participant, will enlist the “colectiv” film in the section “the best documentary film”. The fact a movie is racing in two sections is increasing its chances to be nominated.

The proposal was submitted by a committee of the National Centre of Cinema.

“It is a great honour for us to be invested with so much trust by the CNC committee. We are indeed in the gold era of the documentary, and that fact these films start receiving a large-scale recognition is very encouraging. We are convinced that the <colectiv> story will reach as many people as possible, as it is endorsed by the efforts of our American partners on the long way ahead of us. It will be an atypical competition, in a complicated year, when the eligibility standards have widened and the number of eligible documentaries is tremendous. The competition is just kicking off and we are moving on with optimism and responsibility,” said filmmaker Alexander Nanau.

The film is now available on www.hbogo.ro.

“colectiv” tells the story of the first year after the devastating fire on October 30, 2015 in the Colectiv nightclub in Bucharest that claimed 64 lives and left hundreds injured. It is a movie about system versus people, about truth versus manipulation, about personal interest versus public interest, about individual courage and responsibility.

The documentary „colectiv” premiered at the International Film Festival in Venice in September 2019, with the members of the film crew walking on the red carpet on the beats of “The Day We Die”, the song of the rock band Goodbye to Gravity, which was performing in the Colectiv nightclub when the tragedy occurred.

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