198 outdoor events at the 31st FITS edition


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In just two weeks we will start the 31st edition of the Sibiu International Theater Festival. As every year, FITS also prepares a rich selection of outdoor shows, in addition to indoor shows that will bring John Malkovich, Tim Robbins, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Isabelle Adjani or Neil LaBute to Sibiu. Selected following a process carried out throughout the year, the outdoor shows impress every edition with their color, the burst of energy of the artists, the creativity of the costumes or the impressive acrobatic numbers at height. This year’s edition will not lack contemporary circus numbers, music, dance, street theater performances or installations.

Piaţa Mare, Piaţa Habermann and Pietonala Bălcescu will host the most events, followed by Piaţa Huet, Park Tineretului and Park Astra. In Piaţa Mică, FITS friends of all ages will be able to enjoy the LUMINIMAX Luminarium installation, created by Alan Parkinson and presented by the UK company Architects of Air. The colorful labyrinth can be visited on each of the 10 days of the festival between 14:30 and 20:30, with free entry.

In addition to the usual game spaces, FITS will also go to the neighborhoods of the city, but also, as usual, to the localities around Sibiu, where a series of events will be scheduled for the communities of Gura Râului, Richiş, Sălişte and Biertan.

“Every year we try to bring to Sibiu some of the most interesting street shows, as well as installations or concerts that bring joy to the streets of the city. One of the biggest challenges is programming a mix of artists for all ages and all tastes, but here we also depend on how each band organizes their tours in Europe. That is precisely why we are trying to have a vision and a communication strategy with the companies that spans several editions, so that we can offer the Sibiu public, year after year, impressive productions,” declares Dan Bartha-Lazar, FITS Outdoor selector and coordinator.
There will also be concerts in Piaţa Mare, which will be the occasion for the meeting with Holograf, Connect-R & Orchestra Big Band Radio Romania conducted by Simona Strungaru, Bella Ciao, Lithos Band, Paul Ciuci together with Compact, Viorica and Ioniţă from Clejani & Taraful Clejanilor and Kočani Orkestar.

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It is an unprecedented presence from the artists who will perform outdoor shows. We have scheduled 7 concerts instead of 6, as in previous years. Piaţa Mare will host a big show every day, which is a first. We have made an extra effort so that the mounting days for the guest performances also include a big show by which we want to bring as many audiences as possible close to the Festival. In addition, the fact that Architects of Air will stay in Piaţa Mică throughout the festival will be a great joy for all the children in Sibiu, in the region and throughout Romania. We are waiting for you in Sibiu to admire this exceptional installation with us.” stated Constantin Chiriac, the president of FITS.
Among the outdoor highlights this year are the “Dance of the Masks” from the Spanish company Masters Ballet (June 21 and 22), the impressive machines from the show “In the footsteps of Moby Dick” by the French Compagnie de Productions Polymorphes & Populaires (June 22 ), “Invitation to the Ball” by the Remue Ménage band (June 23), “The Miracle of Water” by Viorica Fontane Danzanti (June 29) or the aerial acrobatics shows “A trip to the Multiverse” by the Voala company and “Euforia, The Origin” of the Sacude company, both from Spain.
This year’s edition brings, for the first time, a performance made together with the theater company Pan.Optikum from Germany and with partners from 13 other European countries.
People Power Partnership” (PPP) is a participatory theater-dance project created for the public space, which facilitates real and sustainable encounters in an artistic context.
Young artists from 13 partner cities are involved in this project, which takes place in Sibiu, in the week preceding FITS, and which will have its climax on June 21, the first day of the Festival, from 9:30 p.m., on the stage of Big market.
This year’s edition of the Sibiu International Theater Festival – with the theme FRIENDSHIP – takes place between June 21 and 30 and schedules over 830 indoor, outdoor and online events.
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