Charitable British festival in Dumbrava Vlăsiei, attended by the new UK ambassador in Bucharest


Dumbrava Vlăsiei, northern Bucharest becomes the place of a true British open air festival marking the end of the summer. Light into Europe Foundation brings a very popular tradition in UK, „village fête” to Dumbrava Vlăsiei on September 8, between 17:30 and 21:30.

It is a meeting of the local communities enjoying leisure activities and making donations for various social causes. The new British ambassador to Romania, H.E. Andrew Noble will attend the event, the first public event he is taking part in since taking office in Bucharest.

All those who want to enjoy a fine afternoon, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, are invited to come with their family and friends to take a breath of fresh air and green nature, to enjoy the organic food fair, the games for children, the books and decorative items, face painting and many more.

Puppies will not miss the show either, especially the event has a charitable purpose: all donations will go for the new Light into Europe project to support the visually impaired through guide dogs.

Tickets cost RON 100 for adults and RON 50 for children above 10 years. The cost includes the food&drinks, and the access to all the activities included in the programme. The tickets are available by e-mail at , can be ordered by phone at 0744.541.774 or directly from the Light Into Europe Resource Centre on 35 Clabucet Street, Bucharest.

Light Into Europe is a charitable foundation established in 1986, which supports the children with impaired eyesight and hearing in Eastern Europe, aiming to develop their abilities and to provide them with opportunities to become responsible adults. The foundation’s efforts in the past 15 years have focused on providing basic services for such children in Romania.

One of the innovative projects in Romania has been the first programme for guide dogs to help the visually impaired in Romania, but also the first class to train the sign language for parents and attendant teachers. The programme currently has over 50 guide dogs, among which 20 are already accompanying blind people in Bucharest and countrywide.

Dumbrava Vlăsiei residential complex is located in northern Bucharest, stretching on 90 hectares and comprising 5 villages connected by a park and surrounded by a dense oak forest.

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