Over 800 charming costumes in fairy-like shows of Sankt Petersburg Ballet on Ice

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Over 4,000 spectators enjoyed the Russian skater dancers in the two shows performed by the Sankt Petersburg Ballet on Ice on Saturday and Sunday at the Palace Hall. Over 800 costumes depicting different ages and styles, from the German, Spanish, Russian or Oriental ones to the beautiful costumes of the period delighted the audience’s views.

The first performance “Swan Lake on Ice” offered Romanians a mastery show combining ballet with skating on Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s mellow music, the famous tale of Odette and Rothbart equally charming children and adults.

In a two-hour show, the ballerinas’ toe dance mixed with winding skating figures and pirouettes. Not to mention the colors’ outbreak of the various costumes and the grace of the white swan-like costumes.

The “Swan Lake on Ice” show began with more than a half of hour delay due to a failure of the ice’s cooling system.

“An important pipe that linked the entire cooling system which kept the ice flakes cold broke due to yet unknown reasons, getting the deadwood on us in an unprecedented manner. With the sponsors support and especially due to the audience’s indulgence, we managed to set our back against the wall and to offer a magical evening. Thank you,” Christian Raetscher, German Quality Entertainment general manager told a press release.cinderellaonice75

The second evening continued the magic on ice through “Cinderella” famous tale, which took shape on Serghei Prokofiev music and on the three-ton ice rink covering the Palace Hall’s stage. The talented Russian dancers turned the story of the poor orphan girl not only in a happy-end tale but also in a colorful dreamy imperial performance instantly kindling the little ones’ imagination.

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