Romania’s brilliant students receive free entry to the Untold and Neversea festivals


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The organizers UNTOLD and Neversea stand by Romania’s straight-A students in a new initiative “BAC DE 10”. The performance of straight-A students will be rewarded with memorable experiences this year as well.

Now in its 9th edition, the longest-running campaign to encourage performance through education will reward students who achieve a straight A in the Baccalaureate exam with free access to some of the biggest festivals in the world, UNTOLD or Neversea.

Edy Chereji, Co-Founder of UNTOLD and Neversea: “The BAC DE 10 campaign is our gift for the results and work done during four years by all high school students. The campaign rewards the motivation and performance of 10th grade students. They have the choice of spending time at the sea with friends or experiencing the UNTOLD universe. We want to have as many 10th graders as possible at our festivals this year.”

The initiators of the campaign believe in the power of education and over the past 9 years, UNTOLD and Neversea have provided free entry and unique experiences to over 1,500 straight-A students.

All students who get an A in the Baccalaureate exam receive a free four-day subscription to UNTOLD or Neversea and a 500 lei shopping voucher from Kaufland Romania, a partner of this campaign.

The shopping voucher is valid in all stores in the country. They will be able to pick up their festival access wristband and shopping voucher based on a proof, from the “Credentials” area of ​​each festival.

All those who are taking the baccalaureate exam, in the summer session, will be able to purchase the subscriptions at a special price: 610.40 lei (taxes included) until June 30 for Neversea and 654.50 lei (taxes included), valid price until July 9, for UNTOLD. Graduates who wish to be rewarded for their performance in the campaign can do so by accessing:

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