RON 10,000 fine for the organizers of Robbie Williams concert in Bucharest

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The organizers of the Robbie Williams concert in Bucharest have got a RON 10,000 fine for incorrect behavior towards consumers. The National Authority for Consumers’ Protection says the organizers didn’t provide enough points of sale for food and drinks.

“The two companies which organized the show performed by Robbie Williams in Bucharest got a RON 10,000 fine for incorrect behavior for not providing enough points of sales for food and drinks. Customers have queued minimum 45 minutes to be able to buy water, beer or refreshments and to be able to hydrate themselves properly during the event that lasted for about 5 hours, “ ANPC told a press release on Tuesday.

According to the Authority, 300 complaints have been filed to the body during July 19-23. The main complaint referred to the fact that people had to queue for minimum 45 minutes to buy food and drinks, after they had initially queued to load money on cards.

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