Costumes of Queen Marie of Romania on display at the Carnival of Venice

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Two costumes belonging to Queen Marie of Romania will go on display at this year’s edition of the Carnival of Venice, due January 23-February 9. The costumes are unveiled within “Femininity and Adornment” ethnographic organized by the Village Museum of Bucharest, exhibition available at Telecom Future Centre Gallery in Venice.

Endorsed by the Romanian Cultural Institute, the display can be visited during January 30-February 21.

The exhibition will present some patrimony works from the Village Museum’s collections: woman folk costumes typical to each region in Romania, woman costumes belonging to minority communities, hats, kerchiefs, thin raw silk headkerchiefs, painted furniture, adornments, textiles.

Among all these, there are also two costumes that belonged to Queen Marie’s of Romania.

The display marks 80 years of existence of the Village Museum, bringing the woman into the limelight while focusing on her outfits, hair style and adornments.

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