Covid hits The Eurovision Song Contest

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By Kevin Sherwin

Not the sort of headline anyone wants to read, especially fans of the Eurovision Song Contest but sadly two members of two separate delegations have tested positive here in Rotterdam. Members  of the Polish and Icelandic artists have had to quarantine along with the entire delegation casting a doubt if both countries can take part in their respective Semi-Final’s.

Now that the first week has come to a close here in the city of Rotterdam all the artists have had their rehearsals and the press have a chance to meet them and to decide who might win the contest. Roxen has been rehearsing not only at the arena but extra rehearsals at her hotel.

She said “I just want everything to be perfect”.

She told me that she is enjoying her time here and she and her dancers are feeling very relaxed and can’t wait to take to the stage on Tuesday in Semi-Final 1. She also told me that the United Kingdom artist James Newman previously wrote a song for her called “Wonderland”, and she wants to meet him and thank him for that. “Perhaps the people of the United Kingdom might vote for Romania since there is that connection” she said.

Now what has become a regular part of Eurovision is the red carpet opening ceremony where all the artists have the opportunity to dress up in their finest and parade down the carpet.

Yes this years gala opening ceremony took place not on a red carpet but a turquoise one.

It’s not the first time that the “red carpet” has changed colour, in previous years we’ve had pink, blue and orange ones.

This is a great opportunity for all the artists to meet each other plus an excellent opportunity for the press to photograph and perhaps catch a few words with all the singers.

Unfortunately we had some absentees from this year’s ceremony, Poland and Iceland had to stay in isolation and because they share the same hotel with Malta and Romania all four delegations did not attend, however that still left 35 artists who certainly took advantage to show off the Glamorous, Gorgeous and Outrageous.

Live on the Turquoise carpet I managed to have a few words with the San Marino singer “Senhit”who wanted to send her love to Roxen and the Romanian delegation and hopes they  will be Covid free and can take to the stage for their Semi Final.

So now the serious part starts,Tuesday we have Semi-Final 1 which features Romania but also in that Semi-Final are Lithuania, Russia, Norway, Sweden, Cyprus and Malta, who are all favourites to qualify. Only 10 countries out of 16 can go through to the Grand Final so it’s going to be a nail biting evening.

But it’s not all work and no play for us journalists ,The city of Rotterdam put on a city tour for all accredited journalists taking in the highlights of Rotterdam including a water taxi and a trip to Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen which will open in November and will house many great Dutch treasures. The building is shaped like a Glass bowl and is covered in mirrors. The people of Rotterdam are very proud of this iconic  building and it will be Rotterdam’s equivalent of the Eiffel Tower in Paris or Big Ben in London.

So all that’s left now is to wish Roxen all the best for her Semi- Final appearance on Tuesday 18th of May. She will be performing in position 13 so please vote for her wherever you are!

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