Cristian Mungiu, the first Romanian filmmaker to preside the jury of the Cinefondation section at Cannes

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Romanian filmmaker Cristian Mungiu will preside the jury of the Cinefondation section at Cannes film festival this year.

Mungiu was also the first Romanian filmmaker who has been part of the jury of Cannes official competition in 2013. The jury was then presided by Steven Spielberg.

The value and originality have never achieved easy recognition in the cinema. And it’s even harder to recognise the value and originality of very young directors”, Mungiu stated.

Mungiu is the first Romanian film director who won the Palme d’Or trophy for feature film, with his striking long-acclaimed “4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days” in 2007.

Cinéfondation, the section he will preside this year at Cannes festival, was founded by Gilles Jacob in 1998 and aims at discovering young talents in cinema.

Cristian Mungiu is a glorious member of the Romanian film school, shaped by Thierry Frémaux in the 2000s (…) Only by seeing the intelligence and the interactive branches of the <Baccalaureate> script you immediately understand that Mungiu is the perfect examiner for the Cinéfondation and shorts section,” said Gilles Jacob.

The 70th edition of Cannes is due during May 17-28.

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