Daniel Mitulescu to produce a film directed by Kohki Hasei, next to Emir Kusturica

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Romanian film producer Daniel Mitulescu (photo) and renowned Emir Kusturica will produce a film directed by Japanese director Kohki Hasei, this autumn. Kusturica will be executive producer, but he will also help financing and selling the film.

The provisional title of the movie is „Drunken Fish on the Moon”. The shootings will take place in Romania, Japan, Ghana and Mexico.

The film tells four different stories from four countries that apparently have nothing in common. Less for the ghost fish, which works miracles everywhere in the world. „The Coffin-Fish” recounts the story of a boy from Ghana, Kofi and a local radio DJ, Yao. „The Flying Bride” tells us the love story of a Romanian musician from a gypsy village. „The Shell Song” depicts a night from the life of an old Jamaican reggae musician and of a sleepwalker boy. „The Thief and the Baby” is the story of a Mexican boy, a pickpocket, who witnesses a birth out in the street. The movie is getting together the characters of the four „pieces” in Romania.

The rough cost of the project is EUR 1 million.

„I had a first discussion with Kohki about a year ago, after I saw his first feature film, Blanka, awarded in Venice. I was impressed by the topic and the way it was done. It was strong, in a naive, but very honest and direct way (…) After first reading the script, I announced Kohki I am interested and (…) we have recently met in Romania where the director prospected several locations and saw actors who might by star in his film,” said Metropolis Film producer Daniel Mitulescu.

He added the project is still pending for financing and that the Romanian artistic part has the highest share. The production team will be mainly Romanian as well, but there will also be local producers from the other three countries, Ghana, Mexico and Jamaica. „We estimate to start shooting this autumn and that the movie will be ready in 2019,” Mitulescu said.

In his turn, Japanese director Kohki Hasei, confessed he is extremely thrilled with the experience he had in Romania following several visits.

Following my personal experience of living inside a Roma community and of interacting with them-their music is one of my favorite genres- and also after research carried out in Ghana, Jamaica and Mexico- I tried to apply what I have seen to the script. I would like to show in my film the lives of those people who are not rich, but who live positively, full of energy through music and humour,” said Japanese filmmaker.

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