DAYS OF CONFUSION at DarkSide Nights – Acoustic Side Of, this February

An event organized by Dark Side Entertainment!

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DAYS OF CONFUSION, the most successful Romanian djent/modern progressive metal bands, will perform, live, acoustic version of their songs, on February 29 at Quantic club, under the music platform “DarkSide Nights – Acoustic Side Of”.

The schedule will be as follows:

Open doors: 19.00;

Acoustic Side Of “Breathelast”.: 20.00 – 20.40;

Acoustic Side Of “DAYS OF CONFUSION”: 21.00 – 21.40;

Acoustic Side Of “Vita de Vie”: 22.00

Tickets can be purchased via!

The first ideas of what DAYS OF CONFUSION has become as a band, were born in 2008, in a hotel balcony in Resita, between two good friends – Cosmin and Cezar. A project in which the music they compose is as they like, as they feel, as they are, and above all, to experiment as much as possible! In 2010, Cezar & Cosmin steadily started working on a few songs. Both of them guitarists, they gradually brought more musicians to complete the ideal band. At first,they called the group ARIA and after a while, it remained DAYS OF CONFUSION. The current formula consists in: Cosmin Lupu (lead vocals / guitar), Cezar Popescu (lead guitar / vocals), Andrei Zamfir (bass-guitar) and Alex Halmagean (drums).

Basically, in 2012, we can say that DAYS OF CONFUSION really started to exist as a band. “We have gone through changes quite a lot to this point and so far, we have been enjoying this format. The current musical direction differs pretty much from the original one (we were listening to other things in those years). We like to call it modern progressive metal, but frankly, this whole thing with musical styles is only meant to put music in boxes and we are not very fond of this way of labelling things. As I mentioned earlier, we hope to surprise ourselves with what we are going to do next in music. The only thing we believe is that we are 100% convinced that our sound and musical approach will be VERY contemporary! We like to express ourselves as fresh as possible,” mentioned Cosmin Lupu.

So far, the band has won the prize for BEST ROMANIAN METAL NEWCOMER 2012 (awarded by the famous Metalhead e-zine) and, in 2014, they were nominated for BEST HARD ROCK/HEAVY METAL SONG (at OnAir Music Awards) and for BEST ROCK ARTIST (‘Sunete’ e-zine). In these 7 years of existence, the band has gone through some line-up changes, which have greatly contributed to shaping its personality in the best possible way. Concert organizers credited DAYS OF CONFUSION as opening acts for important gigs, such as the legendary QUEENSRYCHE, October 20, 2013, or KARNIVOOL, June 20, 2014, or at Rock The City for THE CURE / EDITORS & God is An Astronaut, July 22, 2019.




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