“Dead Heart in a Dead World” album performed by Warrel Dane in Sofia

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by Monica Apostol

Very friendly but a little bit tired, Warrel Dane offered a good concert and very welcomed by the spectators who came in Rock It club located in Sofia, downtown. An artist famous from Nevermore and actually from Sanctuary, Dane became more notable for his distinctively deep, dramatic voice.

People gathered there were a really big Nevermore fans. They knew by heart the songs’ words and the atmosphere was very relaxing, yet powerfull and joyfull.WarrelDane_foto01

The tracklist Warrel Dane –Dead Heart In A Dead World Anniversary Tour was as it follows:

  • Intro (Precognition)
  • Narcosynthesis (Nevermore song)
  • We Disintegrate (Nevermore song)
  • Inside Four Walls (Nevermore song)
  • Evolution 169 (Nevermore song)
  • The River Dragon Has Come (Nevermore song)
  • The Heart Collector
  • Engines of Hate (Nevermore song)
  • The Sound of Silence (Nevermore song)
  • Insignificant (Nevermore song)
  • Believe in Nothing (Nevermore song)
  • Dead Heart in a Dead World (Nevermore song)
  • Enemies of Reality (Nevermore song)
  • Dreaming Neon Black (Nevermore song)
  • Born (Nevermore song)

As an opening act, the Bulgarian band Velian made a very nice surprise, a very nice gesture for the Romanians and they dedicated a song for the Colectiv’s victims.

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