Director of “colectiv” documentary refuses Presidency’s decoration

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Alexander Nanau, the director of “Colectiv” documentary film, which is Romania’s proposal for the Oscars 2021, has refused the “Cultural Merit” award granted by Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis, arguing “it is the most cynical moment to award Romania’s culture”, and that it is “a symbolical, meaningless” move.

The filmmaker also said that the Romanian state should not use the Culture Day for symbolic ceremonies and awards, but to announce and enforce concrete solutions to save the culture sector, seriously hit by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“After almost a year of efforts and proposal from all cultural sectors to engage the Romanian state in enforcing mechanisms to endorse the culture that is severely threatened by bankruptcy due to the Covid-19 crisis, the Romanian state’s reaction and concrete intervention at all institutional levels has been zero”, Nanau says in a Facebook post.

“Taken into account the unprecedented crisis of the entire cultural sector in Romania, I cannot accept this distinction”, he added, saying he “is looking forward to President Iohannis’ embarking on any public debate, like in France, where President Macron had open debates to endorse various aid schemes for culture that have been immediately enforced”.

The Presidential Administration wanted to decorate Alexander Nanau on January 15, when the Culture Day is marked, for “his merits in supporting the national cultural in times of crisis”.

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