Discover Africa at the Village Museum in Bucharest

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Discover Africa…at Dimitrie Gusti Village Museum” exhibition was varnished on Friday in the presence of ambassadors and representatives of Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Ghana, Morocco, Nigeria, Egypt, Congo and Sudan.

The exhibition, hosted in the H.H. Stahl foyer of the Village Museum during February 12th -29th, displays traditional costumes, carpets, blankets, tapestry and jewelry from these nine African countries. There are 100 items on display, according to the museum’s manager.

Visitors can admire a wedding dress, a Mozabit man costume and a Karakou costume at Algeria’s stall, while Tunisia displays traditional folk costumes, carpets and ceramics.

Libya, Ghana, Morocco, Nigeria, Egypt, Congo and Sudan invite the audience to see their traditional costumes, carpets, masks, hand made snake leather bags, jewelry or photos with picturesque landscapes.

The manager of the Village Museum Paula Popoiu said the event enhances the ties among the exhibiting countries, as well as  bilateral relationships with Romania.

Under-Secretary of State with the Culture Ministry Irina Cajal stated that the exhibition introduces visitors to the “fascinating world of African traditions which are so complicated and so complex,” expressing hope the display could be open for more than 2 weeks.

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