Documentary Mondays – who we are, how and where we are

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The Czech Center in Bucharest resumes the oldest and most popular programme of the center, Documentary Mondays, presenting films that tackle such topics as science, philosophy or antropology. The edition of this year kicks off on Monday, April 16, with the documentary „Spaceship Earth”, at 8 p.m. Screenings will continue until June.

The topics of this year’s edition are various, with every documentary combining all existential topics, bringing into the viewers’ focus new information, meant to enrich our knowledge, but also new perspectives on the matters that apparently are close to us.

Spaceship Earth is a documentary tackling various ways of sustainable living in a world facing the global warmth challenges. Divided among science and poetry, this is a fascinating journey through history, talking about the people’s impact on planet Earth and about the potential solutions at hand to find a balance in using the natural resources.

On the Trail of Evil tries to answer the question raised by numerous psychiatrists, psychologists and criminologists over the time: is there a gene of evil? Is it possible that human malice should be tracked down in due time?

How to Build a Time Machine tells the story of two men having opposite professions, who are focusing their entire attention to build a time machine. Both of them are inspired by personal tragedies and by the screening of the “Time Machine” novel by H.G. Wells.

How to Build a Time Machine Rob Niosi left and Don Coleman

The Future of Work and Death talks about how top current thinkers are exploring the way that technology will shape the humankind’s future, focusing on the daily work and on death, while approaching, among others, the way that artificial intelligence might evolve in the upcoming 30 years.

Voyage of Time: Life’s Journey – renowned Terrence Malick is exploring the birth and death of the Universe as we know it, in his first documentary (on which he has worked more than 40 years!). It is a collage movie using archive images from the famous Tree of Life, narrated by Cate Blanchett.

Love and Engineering is a documentary starting from the question-can be love calculated? Focusing on the incompatibility between women and engineers, the documentary follows a group of programmers who are working to discover a scientific formula to find the ideal wife.

Photon is a debate about the creation of Universe from a scientific angle and about a potential vision of the future. Briefly, Photon tells the story of life itself, it is a unusual film revealing what we currently know about the history of the Universe.

The Romania Journal supports the event as media partner.

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