DUST IN MIND & ARSEA, the opening performers for PAIN concert in Bucharest, next weekend

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An event organized by Promusic Events & Maximum Rock!

by Monica Apostol

One week until the Swedish band  PAIN will arrive in Romania on April 22 at Quantic Club to promote the new album “Coming Home.” In their opening two bands will take the floor: DUST IN MIND (France) and ARSEA (Italy).

“As you have understood, we leave with PAIN as official support on the tour from 14 to 30 April! All fans of Dust In Mind know that PAIN is one of our main influences since the beginning of the band, and we are proud and honored to share the stage with them. We are particularly happy, pleased and proud to have the possibility to export our music, with 16 shows in 14 countries and to be able to represent the French culture in Europe,” the band Dust in Mind mentioned on Facebook.

ArseA, formed in 2006. The members of ArseA, who had all come to the band following various experiences with other groups, immediately decided to begin writing their own songs.PAIN-concerteaza-in-Bucuresti-pe-22-aprilie
The first successes, arriving in September 2007 with the participation of the band at theMusic Village, an event that allows a select band throughout Italy to spend seven days incontact with those that are the reality of Italian music today. In 2007, guitarist Simone was forced to leave the group for work reasons and, after a month of searching, he was replaced by Alessio Di Clementi. in 2011 is a new line-up change: at the voice, instead of Alessandro D’Arcangeli, Matthew Peluffo joined the band. After 2 years, back in the band Ivan Fusco on keyboards and synths. Also in this year, Arsea begin work on the new album. In 2012 the band returned to Metalcamp in Slovenia for the ninth edition, with the new line-up and the new album!

Tickets are available here!

“That’s me, designed to piss you offˮ – when Peter Tägtgren is ascending from the depths of his legendary Abyss Studio to take the microphone, a little musical revolution is inevitable. Because what else would you expect from HYPOCRISY‘s death metal veteran, who not only plays industrial metal with PAIN, but is considered to be one of the most influential producers in the metal scene (DIMMU BORGIR, CHILDREN OF BODOM, SABATON etc.), and just recently launched his controversial project LINDEMANN in partnership with RAMMSTEIN‘s frontman Till.


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