Electrifying gigs at Rock the City 2022: Veterans from the KISS – high-class farewell show in Bucharest


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The veterans of the American rock band KISS, with their faces traditionally painted in black and white, performed, on Saturday night, in Bucharest, within the Rock the City 2022 festival, offering live an exceptional music show of glam metal, hard rock and exceptional heavy metal, in front of those over 15,000 spectators, from the little to the older ones coming from all over the country, but also from abroad.

As a matter of fact, the audience, from the old school rock fans in their 50s and 60s to the younger ones (teenagers or even smaller children who had come with their parents) has perfectly blended with the KISS show frantically interacting with all the songs included in the playlist of the four iconic members of the band Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer.

by Romania Journal

Visual effect has not missed the two-hour show either, with fireworks, lights, video and acoustic effects, but also a high-level technological props, completing the music gig. During some songs, to increase the dramatic effect of the show, the band members were raised from the stage on mobile platforms to the height from where they continued to perform, while the stage was either engulfed by new fireworks, either games of lights and thick clouds of smoke.

Kiss’s hit songs on the Rock the City 2022 stage included: “Shout It Out Loud”, “Deuce”, “War Machine”, “Heaven’s on fire”, “I love it Loud”, “Cold gin”, “Lick it Up”, “Tears are falling”, “Psycho Circus”, “God Of Thunder”, “Black Diamond”, “Calling Dr. Love“.

All the band members shined on the stage, from drummer Eric Singer, who made an exquisite solo that at times was performed only with the help of his feet, to lead singer Paul Stanley, who, at some point, was taken by a zip line opposite to the big stage to a smaller stage, where from he performed the well-known “Love Gun” and “I Was Made For Lovin’ You“. Stanley told fans in Bucharest that they are “a crazy, loud and amazing audience”.

Photo credit: Cristian Radu Nema

In the end, KISS performed two other songs that built their fame over the years: “Do you love me?” and the final track “Nite’s Rock and Roll“, while the gig ended in the long cheers of the spectators, but also with the thanks addressed to them by the KISS musician. A special message for the fans was also posted on the main screen of the stage, in which the logo of the band Kiss was colored in the tricolor colors red, yellow and blue: “Kiss loves you Bucharest”.

Powerwolf. Credit photo: Cristian Radu Nema

It was the first live concert of the band Kiss held in Romania and, probably the last one, as the American rock group is in its “End Of The Road World Tour” farewell tour.

The German band “Powerwolf” performed in the opening of KISS show within “Rock the City 2022” festival, providing fans with a high quality metal power rock. They were also painted on their faces and wore medieval costumes. “Demons Are A Girl’s Best Friend”, “Army Of The Night”, “Beast of Gevaudan”, “Blood For Blood”, “Sanctified with Dynamite”, ”Werewolves of Armenia”, “We Drink Your blood” were some of the songs performed.

At the beginning of the Rock the City 2022 festival, organized by East European Production, D&D East Entertainment and Marcel Avram, there were two other rock bands, the Turks from Saints ‘N’ Sinners and Deep Waters, a group formed in 2019 by the guitarist and composer Andrei Stratulat.

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