Exclusive: The Mono Jacks preparing the „blitz” tour in Germany

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If you are an indie music enthusiast you probably heard of The Mono Jacks. If you didn’t, then you must know that this is that type of rock band that sounds like a collection of thoughts and emotions, all of it captured in between alternative rock and post-punk touches. If you’re lucky enough to see them performing live, because most of their shows are sold out, you’ll also notice that underneath a layer of pervasive melancholy they have a rawness that will captivate you.

The band was founded in 2008 by Doru Trăscău, known to the Romanian audiences as lead vocalist for the early 2000’s Romanian grunge icons AB4. Thus, The Mono Jacks had all the makings for an excellent debut, with an album released in 2010 and an enthusiastic response to their singles „Maria” and „Woman”. Meanwhile, the band started gaining significant live exposure, touring in clubs as well as big European festivals: Sziget, Exit Festival, Eurosonic Noorderslag, ARTMania, TIFF.

Between concerts, studio hours and his family Doru took the time to tell us more about the band’s plans for 2019 and how he sees this chapter of his life. Enjoy!

If you could describe in just three words the year that just passed, what would those be? And why?

An excellent year! It was a full one, rich in performances, many joys, many discoveries. Should I add that I purchased a new motorcycle? 🙂

I learned that you’re getting ready for a tour through Germany in April. Tell us more.

We have a „blitz” tournament in Germany. We will start on April 22nd. We leave Bucharest with a van and we’ll play six nights in Berlin, Hanover, Leipzig, Dresden, Hamburg and Kiel. On April 28, we’ll pack everything and come home with new stories to tell.

by Livia Vaduva

By the way, you’ve been passionate in the past with a musical career abroad. How has the experience then? How do you see it now?

In the early 2000s, the musical career abroad was a necessity for a Romanian rock band that wanted to survive in music. Things have changed since then, but a musical career abroad is still an achievement nowadays. I have made a great deal of effort trying to make it there.

I know at some point you decided to play exclusively in Romanian for the audience here. Will this decision change? For greater openness to the international audience?

We like to play in Romanian and we want to sing in Romanian. If the time comes, when we’ll have to turn our attention to the international public, we’ll be ready.

This year you’ll be turning 42 years old. Where did Doru Trăscău saw himself when he was 18 y.o.?

I really have no idea. How many 18-year-olds project their life for the next 25 years? All I wanted to do was sing… and here I am.

Lately, you’re experiencing the music production area. Is this your first attempt? How do you feel about this?

I like it very much because I discover new things and I learn constantly. Indeed, it is my first attempt and I hope it will soon be heard on the radio.

Are you already working on the next album? What can we expect from The Mono Jacks and when?

As I’ve already said, we are preparing for a tour in Germany, we will release some t-shirts in a limited edition, we want to get the album out on vinyl also, we want to repeat the experience with AltOrchestra and in autumn we should have the album ready.

What are your personally plans for 2019?

I’m about to finish arranging the space where I’m going to perform my musical production. Let’s call it a mini studio. I want to write a lot and finish the customization of the motorcycle, a project I started last year.

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