EXCLUSIVE: “Yes, 100 pc I believe both Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington were murdered”

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Interview with music rock journalist Randy “Rocket” Cody of THE METAL DEN

By Monica K. Lerintiu


Who is Randy Cody? And why only you so serious in this very dark and confuse “Chris Cornell‘s Case?”

I am rock music journalist. I own and operate my own website called TheMetalDen.com, which is currently read in over 100 countries and is considered one of the premiere spots on the web for hard rock and heavy metal news, reviews and interviews. Over the past 2 months, on Twitter social site alone I have earned over 6 million impressions. ‘Earned’ means I did not have to pay any advertising dollars to reach that massive amount of people. I just happen to be very popular due to the work I do. It feels really awesome to have that kind of support.Rocketpromopic2017

How would you describe “your life” before the death of Chris Cornell and how would you describe The Metal Den and Randy Cody after this tragic passing?

Well, my work at THE METAL DEN can change from each day depending on what is going on around me. For example, this past April I took part in the annual “April Fool’s Hoax” in the rock media and posted some really funny hoax stories throughout the month about METALLICA and MOTLEY CRUE. It was the first time I had ever posted any hoax articles, but I really got a big reaction and had fun with it. But then the next month Chris Cornell is found dead and here I am working on my own totally legitimate independent death investigation that has captured the world’s attention. It’s a big shift for sure to go from goofing around to putting my name and life on the line for something I seriously believe in.

How can you explain your “relation” to the singer Chris Cornell before May 18th and after that?

Chris and I are not related. I never even met the man… or actually attended a SOUNDGARDEN concert. However, I was always big fan of his incredible vocal prowess, going back to the first albums his grunge band put out. Again, I did not buy any of them. I was a pure heavy metal music fanatic, and I was listening to the likes of IRON MAIDEN, VENOM and JUDAS PRIEST when I was a teenager in the eighties. So I was into much more heavier type of music. But I always respected Chris Cornell immensely, and wondered why that band went dark for so long. When they reunited and put out a new album finally I started paying attention again in recent years. My younger brother did purchase a concert ticket to see SOUNDGARDEN play in Dallas, Texas, but it was scheduled for right after Chris died. So I know my bro was really bummed out he missed the chance to see such a legend perform.

Why do you think that 90 percent of the media marks Chris Cornell as a suicide?

The problem in America is we are battling what is called “Fake News” that is perpetuated by the mainstream media propaganda machine (CNN, etc..). It’s all about politics and using ‘spin’ to make things appear different than they truly are. CNN are big liars. They keep getting caught telling one lie after the next. It is really horrendous. The Globalist killing machine that is working hard to turn everything into a world government system work hard to keep the truth hidden from the good taxpaying citizens. I believe the Illuminati is fully at play and in charge of the situation.Yes, the Illuminati is real, and if you don’t believe me, just spend an hour on YouTube searching for the subject and watching a couple videos to help educate you. Hundreds of millions of people worldwide still think the Illuminati is a big joke. It is not. They are very powerful and they want to kill everyone that gets in their way.

What and when did you start to perceive Chris Cornell’s death as a real case, with strong and so obvious proof?

The EMT (emergency responder) that worked on Chris Cornell’s lifeless body was recorded on audio stating that Chris had “trauma to the back of head”, and “possible signs of strangulation”. chriscornellheadtrauma-1-300x261Yet, the autopsy report by Theodore Brown in Detroit makes no mention of the head wound. Despite the fact fans who watched Chris’ final concert on YouTube notice that a large chunk of hair has apparently been ripped out of his head in a violent manner. Read the comments from literally hundreds of fans, it’s not just me who sees the head wound.

Give me 5 real reasons to believe Chris Cornell was not a suicide person despite his past alcohol addiction and his current Ativan usage?

Chris was starting work on a new SOUNDGARDEN album and was excited about that. He was a good father and husband, and had a lot to live for, despite what everyone else wants you to believe. He was worth millions and was a big time music icon. Sure, he had demons, like everyone… but Chris was a fighter. And he was all about “living life” and seeing things all the way through. Listen to his final song “The Promise”. Chris was all about fighting to stay alive and being hopeful for the future. I do know for a fact that Chris signed autographs immediately after his last concert and fans said Chris seemed totally normal. As for the Ativan, there was not enough in his system to have any adverse affects on his mind. Apparently Vicky Cornell believes that had something to do with his death and is potentially going to sue the makers of the drug. So I dunno, the only thing I can say is that it looks like a blatant cash grab attempt based on a false assumption.

Do you think his wife, Vicky, is involved in this strange and ugly situation? What can you tell us about Vicky and why she is doomed in people’s eyes, as I often read about?

 Well, I cannot say if she is involved in a crime at this point, other than to say she has acted very suspiciously, changing the narrative several times in concern with when Chris was supposedly having a drug relapse in his hotel room after the concert and what was said exactly between the couple. It is believed they had a fight on the phone, and there is financial records I found that show a lot of money was being swindled from the Cornell foundation, hundreds of thousands of dollars meant to be spent on abused kids was not.

Why do you think Chris Cornell’s body was cremated so fast? In many reopened cases the dead body is a real proof. Or is there any chances that Cornell to be alive, somewhere? How it was possible to cremate his beloved late husband when Vicky is orthodox, as well as Chris Cornell was?

I have no idea why Chris Cornell’s wife would cremate his body so fast without calling for a second evaluation from a different medical examiner, independent from Detroit morgue, who is known to botch many cases in the past, according to my research. Vicky Cornell said it herself that she does not think Chris killed himself intentionally, right? Well, then why not find out the truth? Why destroy Chris when he could have held many more clues as to what really happened?

And I learned that TMZ.com’s Harvey Levin told a lie when he said 9 rib fractures sustained by Chris in CPR is normal. He quoted the American Heart Association in Dallas, Texas. So I gave them a call and after two days finally someone emailed me and admitted they don’t have that type of ‘rib fracture rate’ data available in their handbook. The truth is, I spoke to several medical professionals, actual working ER nurses and EMT’s and they say the average is around only 1-3 rib fractures per patient. This indicates to me that Chris suffered some type of blunt force trauma in a fight that took place in his hotel room after the show. The real statistic is rib fractures happen only 3 times out of 10 in CPR patients. Certainly not as frequent when actual professional medics respond. And the average number of rib fractures per case is 3. I referenced an official study from 2015. It is not 10 like Harvey Levin of TMZ.com claims. How these notable media professionals can get away with telling one sensational lie after another is not only mind blowing to me, it should truly scare the hell out of everyone. Why are they telling these lies? What are they really hiding from all of us? The fact is if Chris bashed his head on the door while convulsing during hanging….his blood would have been on the door. Yet, his blood splatter was found on the floor in front of the tub and directly sprayed onto it. And don’t forget my highly credible locksmith expert, with 28 years of law enforcement experience, told me that there should be much more ‘visual damage’ seen on the door latch, the door frame and the door itself if the bodyguard did indeed kick his way through a fully engaged security ‘swing latch’ system.

Why do you think Vicky changed so many times her declaration? She called Chris Cornell or not? He was angry or he was slurring his words?

Maybe she is possibly trying to cover up a pre-meditated murder of her husband. For what reason I don’t know, and again, I am not pointing blame directly at her, merely suggesting that it is possible that she knows more than she is telling everyone. Maybe a bad fight happened and the bodyguard accidentally killed Chris after the concert, I dunno. Something is not right. There is too much evidence pointing at what is called “Homicidal Ligature Strangulation”.

Did Vicky hire this bodyguard Martin Kirsten to take care of her beloved husband, Chris Cornell? Why he was so bad in taking care of the Artist?

Yes, as I understand it Martin Kirsten was hired to follow Chris around, as I have been told by a couple sources who worked around SOUNDGARDEN. There was a potential divorce that was going to happen and Vicky allegedly hired this Kirsten fellow to try and catch Chris in bed with another woman allegedly. According to the bodyguard’s own website, he was paid to “Keep an eye” on Chris’ safety “at all times” yet he leaves Chris in a fragile, declining state, even gives him more Ativan to take, and then leaves back to his own room. It seems to me he failed at doing his job, no matter how you look at it.

How would you describe the American media? Why no important media was involved deeper in Chris Cornell’s passing? Does his head wound was not enough serious evidence that a journalist to put some questions?

The American media is a joke. They are all liars. Click bait prostitutes. End of story.

Why do you think the local Police or any other officials were so weak or so ineffective after they found Chris Cornell dead?

I think Detroit PD should be investigated by internal affairs, because there is some really shady stuff going on there. In fact, I believe they staged some of the death scene photos. Point blank, they say they took hand and finger swabs for DNA yet never turned them in for analysis. That makes no sense at all. Why would they not fully investigate? Unless they are in on the cover up.

How is it possible that a 911 call to vanish so inexplicably? And what can you tell us about this call and the person that made that call in those terrible moments?

There are two different 911 calls. The one I provided everyone was posted on YouTube and is the ‘pronouncement call’ of when they officially said Chris was DOA (Dead On Arrival) at 1:30AM on May 18. The reporter for The Detroit News named George Hunter said he could not verify the audio I offered because Detroit PD had pulled it down for some reason. So he could not say if my version was real or not. Yet, another professional EMT stepped forward to say my 911 audio is indeed authentic. I think they are trying to hide incriminating evidence to keep the suicide narrative alive and well. Why they are doing this? I don’t know. Maybe people need to start asking them that question directly themselves.

Please, name again the evidence of possible murder that can lead Police to a case?

 There is too much blood on the scene for a suicide by hanging, according to the forensic science. Also, a UCLA pathologist last month was quoted in an International Business Times article on the matter saying it looked like way too much blood for hanging. The fact is if Chris bashed his head on the door while convulsing during hanging….his blood would have been on the door. It was not. His blood splatter was found on the floor in front of the bathtub and directly sprayed onto the tub. The only way that can happen is from blunt force strikes to the head. Don’t forget my highly credible locksmith expert, with 28 years of law enforcement experience, told me that there should be much more ‘visual damage’ seen on the door latch, the door frame and the door itself if the bodyguard did indeed kick his way through a fully engaged security ‘swing latch’ system.

Do you trust the results of the Autopsy Report? Do you think what you have read is the real report?

I have looked over the autopsy report Detroit released and it is very puzzling. First off, if you look at the late comedian/actor Robin Williams’ autopsy report, another apparent death due to suicide hanging, that report was over 30 pages in length and had anatomical diagrams of the body and was way more detailed. It seems like Detroit authorities rushed very fast and quickly called it a suicide without doing a full investigation. That is where I come in. I started writing my own ‘investigative articles’ almost every day since to point out what I feel is wrong with the case.

Why do you think that no member of Soundgarden and Audioslave bands say nothing? They are waiting the right moment to make declarations, they do not care about Chris Cornell’s passing, they are still in shock, they are afraid of something, they are involved in his head wound?

I don’t understand why they would let Chris out of their site after the concert if he was struggling so bad with drugs as everyone around him says. It is clear he was having difficulty on the stage at end of show. I believe he may have been dosed with a sedative prior to that which made him ‘lethargic’ and more easy to physically subdue after the gig. As for his own band, they were bandmates for 30 years with incredible worldwide success. You would think one of them would have hung out with Chris in his room after the gig just to make sure he was going to be okay. Instead, they just turned a cheek and never did much of anything to help him at the end of his life it seems. I asked for an interview with SOUNDGARDEN’s tour manager, but I never heard anything back. Something tells me they all know Chris was murdered but won’t let the truth get out in fear they will be murdered too.

Who is this Linda Ramone that I’ve heard about lately? And why so close to Chris Cornell’s family?

Linda Ramone is the widow of Johnny Ramone, and she is an alleged satanist with ties to Courtney Love and spirit cooker Marina Abramovic, who is also friends with John Podesta, the man who is purportedly involved in child trafficking and ritual sacrifices. #Pizzagate is trending big time right now and that is tied to #Pedogate but was given a different name by the American mainstream media to try and make it look like fake news. But my extensive research shows that there is indeed a large elite evil pedophile ring active today. I was told by a source who works in the rock music biz that Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington were going to expose before they died. Now I first wrote a story on May 20 at TheMetalDen.com connecting Chris’ potential homicide to Pedogate after I was informed of his foundation’s work with abused children. That same story was later picked up by a site in the UK called NeonNettle, and then like 6 weeks later another site ran the story and it exploded into a viral sensation when Chester was found dead. That article was shared one million times off one site and then another one hundred more big news sites picked it up from there, so the views on that story I did is easily over one billion now I estimate, give or take a hundred or million or so. It is simply mind blowing.

I do not understand the relation between Illuminati and Chris Cornell? Illuminati does really exist? Why in America? They are Americans?

Good question. I know a lot of people feel that the Illuminati is a myth, but unfortunately it is very real, and the freemasons (the Illuminati) who founded America, are claimed to be comprised of many of the current elite people in politics, business, Hollywood and music taking part in satanic rituals as part of their secret society at a place called Bohemian Grove, among other spots. It is said, amid this secret society, that many past US presidents are alleged to have also been fully involved. They are attempting to take over the world. They are the fallen angels who are trying to bring in the Luciferian [Satanic] agenda to our society and a New World Order around the globe. These diabolical monsters are known to sacrifice babies who are not even one year old yet. That is why there are so many missing kids in America over last 30 years. They harvest the blood of the young for what is called “Parabiosis” blood transfusion. They drink and bathe in the blood too. They snuff out the innocent kids they snatch from homes and then sacrifice their body in a satanic ceremony. Many times they also film this and sell the “snuff film’ to the elite of society. Many have reported seeing these types of gruesome films on the dark web, although I have never seen one myself. It is said this kind of thing occurs regularly in pedophile rings.

Why Eddie Vedder was not at the funeral?

I was told he did not believe Chris killed himself. And he was really mad about it. But I dunno, you probably need to ask him that question. I wish he and other friends of Chris Cornell would stand up and fight for their friend instead of hiding from the evidence of foul play.

Do you believe Chris Cornell was murdered? Why? Why American media are afraid of?

Yes, 100% I believe both Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington were murdered. It is over a month since Chester was found dead and still no autopsy report has been released to the public. Keep in mind, Chester was found dead on Chris Cornell’s birthday. He succumbed to the same type of suicide by hanging death, and both highly successful musicians did not leave a suicide note for their loved ones.

Which media should somebody trust? Which media are most important and fair from your point of view?

I think I am the only one really telling the truth out there currently, well, people like me anyway, independent media, or whatever the hell you want to call it. People with enough intelligence and are not operating with strong bias because they work for a powerful corporation, many of which are tied to the Illuminati, believe it or not.  There are a couple other #Pedogate news investigators/journalists I respect like Titus Frost or a lady named Honeybee, check them out too.

And what about Chester Bennington? I have read about John Podesta? Who is this person?

It is rumored that Chester was the bastard son of John Podesta. They share a near identical resemblance. Podesta is a very powerful person in Washington DC. He has worked for the Clinton crime family.chesterandpodesta

Pizzagate? And the Pizzagate scandal – Chris Cornell – Chester Bennington – and other important names that I read about?

Again, “Pizzagate” was a controversy that started once “Pedogate” stories began to break out in America, tying Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign manager, John Podesta, to a pizza parlor that allegedly hosts “pizza parties” which is pedophile lingo for having sex with innocent kids. A guy named Seth Rich leaked the scary details in emails via wikileaks last year and then shortly afterward he was found dead. He was at one time employed by the DNC, in charge of maintaining their computers.

Why should I trust your declarations? It would be very kind if you explain it to me?

All I can tell you is that I am former United States Marine, with an honorable record, and I am not being paid at all to do this work. My site does not allow mainstream ads or take part in click bait. I am even blocked now from my videos being monetized on YouTube, they will not pay me my percentage of ad revenue dollars earned because they deem anyone who reports on either “Pedogate” or “Pizzagate” to be fake news. TMDlogoWhen the truth is, this scandal is very real. Kids are being plucked out of their homes and put in pedophile foster care… many are killed in satanic sacrifices, as hard as that is to believe. All you have to do is go online and start doing some basic research. Although,Facebook and Twitter are censoring “truthers” like me now too, and trying to hide this content from the public, you can still find it. There is a ton of evidence and proof the scandal is real, as long as you are willing to keep an open mind.

 Are you afraid for your life?

No, I do not fear death. Like I said, I am a former marine. I am a born combat ready soldier. Pure and simple. I look at each day of life as a battle to live through. If I make it to the next day, great. If I do not, oh well. I had a good life! God has been very good to me.  In closing, I would like to tell your readers I run admin for a new page on Facebook called ‘Chris Cornell Disciples’ so anyone that wants to follow my investigation more closely can stay up to date and even interact with me and other members.

 Thanks for the interview,


Site/page  links:




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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WfbGVE8vIs8 – May 17, 2017 – head wound

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_5mehyPSqQ –May 14, 2017 – no head wound

-and a very beautiful concert from April 2010

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  1. Jeannie says

    Interesting article but your picture of Chester and Podesta is missing Laurence Rockefeller Jr. He has to be Podestas father. And after hearing a Lincoln Park song at the opening of Trumps 2020 OK Rally I’m wondering if both Chester and Chris are still alive.

    1. Karl says

      No I’ve spoken to someone who was very close to Chester, he is very much deceased. There’s a photo of his body on google from shoulders up too which is wrong and disgusting that someone would post that photo cough cough TMZ scum!

  2. Nicole Cote says

    Thank you for writing this. I believe 100% before i read this that both these great men were murdered. I’m glad you wrote this and got it out to others who refuse to believe the truth thats right in front of them.

  3. D says

    I new from day one that both of these incredible men were murdered. It is only the fear that keeps the masses from seeing the evil of the powers that be. Peace and Love

  4. Karl says

    Chris had 6 broken ribs, fractured skull due to blunt force trauma, defence wounds and there was blood spatter in many rooms in the hotel room he was staying in ie: bathroom, bedroom etc.

    Chester had W broken ribs and defence wounds.

    If you believe they took they’re own lives then you really need to re-examine the facts.

  5. Toni Green says

    It’s so strange because when I went down the Cobain Death rabbit hole again, the same people keep coming into play with ties to one another. HRC and C Love started a friendship around 95(Tipper Gore’s Footloose attempt on Seattle musicians and AL Gore was in HRCs way politically). They BOTH also know Prince Andrew’s and Epstein. This is widely known. Bull Clinton’s picture, in a blue “lewinsky” dress wearing red heals was front and center at Epsteins NY home when you walk in. A giant painting with gallery lights. Bill was obviously beneath Epstein, ya know. Courtney Love said that Prince Edward just showed up at her house one night at like 1030 wanting to go party. He was flirty, he left, and then returned back to her home drunk a few hours later and crashed in a guestroom. She has photos with him and HRC and in 2006, she showed them off like prized possessions. Why?? Of all things to carry with you after rehab to studio, you have a small Kurt photo album and 8 by 10s of just those 2 pics in a manilla envelope.
    The Epstein Connection to Love, Bill and Hill, Prince Andrew’s, and the 2010 Haiti kidnapping attempt by Linda Silbic of a VAN full of kids was tossed and gotten rid of by…..Clinton’s Personal attorney’s.
    Back to Chris and possibly of divorce, who do you call about that, C LOVE! Chester had 5 kids and I do think Podesta is absolutely his father, CHESTER thought that himself. I think they were also possibly going to expose HRC. Epstein. PRINCE ANDREW. who also, call LOVE or visits her without making plans. I’m sorry but British Royalty is NOT banging down people like love without a reason.
    Too many of the same people keep popping up! Ya know!
    When Trump won, he upset the old guard. He also has saved more kids from human trafficking that ANY president ever. Plus he made SURE Epstein was arrested while in office. Trump through Epstein OUT of Mara Logo many a decade ago.
    Plus, Cornell was a tall guy and hotel bathroom door frames aren’t ever that high enough for that. Especially, a man of his height. TY so much for sharing this and having this. The Media truly is tearing this nation apart. They don’t even try to hide it anymore. Such a shame! BUT, keep your eyes opened bc I am pretty confident that some justice for these kids will be served very soon! A few awesome men that are about to drop MAJOR truth, biblical truth! Gonna be a doozy! I will post thinks to any developments that come put. Pray pray pray! ?

  6. Rebecca says

    Thank you for this insightful information. I am still in the process of learning about this and it’s making far more sense than what the media has put out.

  7. Beverly says

    I have always felt both deaths were murder. The bathroom door not being high enough for someone as tall as Chris was actually one of my first thoughts as well. Courtney Love stays high to numb her guilt, if she has any at all. I will never give up hope that the truth will come out someday soon, sadly it won’t bring these incredible men back, but perhaps it will save the lives of others? A close friend of mine was found hung in a park in So Calif. Those of us who were close to him know that he did not commit suicide, but the police would not investigate his death. R.I.P. CHRIS, CHESTER, KURT and my friend JOEY!

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