EXEC-EDU – HR Bliss Summer Party: Why clothes are good communication means


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After one year a half of pandemic, with restricting our social life and outdoor exits, the need of socializing became stronger and stronger and so did the concern on our look and image.

Within an EXEC-EDU well-being and personal development event, HR Bliss Summer Party, addressed to the ladies, held this month with the support of ConfidentPR and Degusteria Francesca, next to such partners as Uriage well-known cosmetics brand and Color Smarts, the local distributor of interior design brands Benjamin Moore and Novacolor, the guests enjoyed an afternoon of connection, reunion, relaxation and good advice on fashion and skin care.

Silvia Serban, a Romanian fashion designer with over 20-year expertise in the fashion world, talked about how fashion represents a manifesto, how a story hides behind every collection, about how the outfits are adjusted to everyone’s personality, to the environment, to a certain context and how these outfits are „designed” to tell a story and to send a message about who we are and what we want to be seen.

I believe in this story that we all have to say, as there is a story behind the clothes we are wearing. However, it is sometimes difficult to enforce the concept that we must wear clothes depending on our personality, for we don’t always know what to choose, not every body is willing to know herself better. What a romantic type of woman who loves floral prints and ruffles will do is she works in the corporate sector and has to wear dark blue suits? The solution lies in another direction, namely we must change the question a little bit, we have to stop answering what shall I wear to why I have to wear that. So, the „how” doesn’ t matter here, but the „why”,” Silvia Serban said.

She underlined that people together with their clothes can make the world better and more beautiful and that there are many reasons to support her statement.

If we are wearing the clothes according to the personality we show our authenticity to our true values, so we’ll feel better with ourselves, we can create positive emotions and pleasant memories. The time would be another reason,” the designer said, adding that women usually spend two years and a half of their life in front of the wardrobe wondering what to wear.

Another reason for wearing the right clothes is the financial one, to save money, for women are famous for purchasing clothing that end up unwearable in the closet.

Designing tailor made outfits for so many years, Silvia understood that clothes are strong communication means and that they do change our mindsets.

My goal was that the clothes I designed should change the women’s life for the better. I developed advice and tools that help women make conscious choices in terms of outfits, to prompt a certain fashion style that should be in line with our personality, our waistline and our environment. Clothes are means of communication (…) We seldom perceive people according to their clothes and we label them, and we do that unintentionally. So, we cannot split the way clothes look from the way we feel”, the designer pointed out.

Information about Silvia Serban’s course are available here.

And, for the skin care routine is just as important to women as clothes are, Uriage medical representative Raluca Trandafir introduced the new products based on the Uriage thermal water, with SPF protection and which are ideal for summer and for this period when wearing protective face masks can make our face sensitive.

The thermal water incorporated in our products is salty , isotonic and doesn’t dry the skin, especially for the summer time, when the skin needs to breathe. The face creams based on Uriage thermal water also include probiotic, calcium, magnesium, hyaluronic acid and also sun protection factor,” she said.

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