Exhibition: Mosaics of beads or paintings? Luminita Pujina makes debut

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For every artist there is a first. The first exhibition ever for Luminita Pujina has opened its gates on Thursday, in Bucharest, an explosion of colours and innovation. Is it about painting? Partly, yes. Is it about craftsmanship? Of course it is. Or is it about artistic talent, enormous patience and vision? Yes, it is about all of these, mixed together for the artist coming from Dorohoi, north-eastern Romania, a modest and emotional woman-artist gluing beads on wood in order to offer the viewer shining mosaics that makes him wonder: is it a painting, a carving? For certain, these are works of art, we might say.

“It is a special technique of using beads. Luminita has special patience in her work. Those who saw the works were absolutely fascinated, astonished,” one of the curators said at the official opening.

Painter and visual art critic Vergil Cojocaru Cober, confessed he is impressed with the works. “I was stunned when I saw the works for the first time here, at the Elite Prof Art gallery. Everything is well suited. One may say indeed that the artist is not a normal person. The icons are actual tenderness offers of the divine grace and look like they are going to defend you from evil. The exhibition, through themes, colour and themes becomes a complex that impresses our souls. Luminita Pujina becomes thus an investigator of the human soul through her works. The portraits also evince the artist’s soul together with the spirit and substance of former personalities, but keep on their mysteries to which the author attempts to get closer,” Vergil Cojocaru Cober said.

Journalist Aristotel Bunescu stressed this is the artist’s first exhibition ever and the talent coming out from her works is obvious. He also pointed to the religious, artistic and worldly meanings of the mosaics of beads, spoke about the origins of Luminita Pujina’s first name and name, which would be, in his view, related to hope and accomplishment.

The artist herself, Luminita Pujina, excited and overwhelmed by the significance of the moment, thanked everyone present and invited all of them to view and enjoy the mosaics. Keeping close her… Moldavian accent, she said she speaks better through her work than directly to people.

It is indeed, true. The mosaics-painting-works are worth to get the visitors’ attention. Those interested can pay a visit this weekend to the Elite Prof Art gallery: 13, Nanu Muscel Street, Bucharest (Cotroceni neighbourhood).

photo 1: Luminta Pujina, second from the left

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