Expo Mineralia, The International Fair of minerals, rocks and jewelry

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Between 1 and 6 September 2015, locals from Cluj and other enthusiasts have the opportunity to admire and purchase dinosaur remains and many other fossils for personal collections, according to ProTv. The stars of this edition are still the dinosaur teeth, pieces of meteorite and giant ammonites. This week the International Fair of Minerals, Rocks and Jewelry returns with a collection of dinosaur pieces at Iulius Mall Cluj.

Additionally, visitors will find over 150,000 jewelry, accessories, decorations and other objects masterfully crafted from precious and semiprecious stones at the Expo Mineralia Fair, at the shopping center in Cluj, Gheorgheni District. The pieces are created from rocks, mining flowers, geode, crystal, wood, precious and semiprecious stones, originating from over 50 countries. More than 180 types of stones with different shapes and colors were used to create brilliant and exquisite jewelry. Enthusiasts can learn about the properties of each stone that fits their personality or their sign, and how these rocks can influence one’s health. Each crystal corresponds to an energy meridian. When we wear the appropriate crystal it can equilibrate a certain meridian. Wearing the right crystals we can get a much better state of health. The crystal therapy is an accredited science but cannot be a substitute for traditional medicine.

Even meteorites found in the 19th in Siberia are on display. The pieces of a meteorite from Siberia are not very big but people can see and touch them.

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