Famous Jo Malone London perfume brand, now in Romania


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Famous British perfume brand, Jo Malone London, has just landed in Romania, for the first time here.

Dubbed as a strongly emotional brand, for it can provide unique, personal scents, according to each customer’s preferences and individual taste, Jo Malone London, comprising not only perfumes, but also home and body&care products, shows up as a perfect, unexpected gift to receive or to give for the niche perfume enthusiasts, and more important, a gift that has a story behind.

In an exclusive event hosted by the Atelier Iris in Bucharest on Thursday evening, the renowned luxury brand has been introduced on the local market by Anton Denver, Jo Malone’s regional education manager for EMEEA, Europe, Middle East, Africa &India.

It is very a exciting moment and opportunity for us as a brand Jo Malone London to be officially launching here. I do a lot of travelling to promote the brand, if you look at my Instagram account you’d say I am on holiday, but I am working actually,” said Anton, as a spirit of joke.

He stated that the Jo Malone London brand has existed for almost 20 years and is now present in over 55 countries and has over 33 fragrances.

One thing that we really want to hold on to as part of our brand philosophy is making sure that there is an absolute intimate moment between the brand and the customer. Jo Malone London is definitely a romantic brand, that believe in stories, and building fragrance from that story,” he pointed out, while explaining what’s so special about Jo Malone.

Whether you are a man or a woman we will find the perfect fragrance for you, because something special about Jo Malone London is that every single one of our fragrances is designed, architecturally constructed to be created as something individual”.

The Jo Malone London regional education manager revealed that they create fragrances using minimum ingredients, but each ingredient is at the very highest quality.

We are a British brand, but we don’t use just British ingredients, because there would be pretty boring fragrances, we actually source these best ingredients from around the world: one of our most recent fragrances we just launched is Jasmine Sambac& Marigold inspired by a visit to India.”

Moreover, another particularity of the British brand is that the names of the fragrances are actually giving the names of the perfumes.

They are not just something sensual, seductive or really beautiful, but all the names of the perfumes use the name of the original essences. It is actually a risk that the company takes, but that’s something we are willing to do, because we want to show everybody that we are investing in the ingredients,” Anton explained.

Jo Malone is also definitely famed for its unique, personal-scented candles, which provides the home concept with a deeper sense of intimacy. “Home is not just a place where you enjoy being, but it is a place where you should bring your personal touch, fragrance, to create beautiful memories,” Anton underlined.

The same goes for the bath&care products, which emphasize the personal touch, as they are individually created and it takes over a year to conclude them, as well as for the Jo Malone boxes whose design is disclosing the uniqueness inside, the very moment you set your eyes on them.

When people see the Jo Malone London boxes, they really do get the epitome of pure elegance, pure luxury,” Anton said.

Jo Malone London niche perfumes, also famous for the celebrities using them, like Meghan Markle, now Duchess of Sussex, and for the famous story of its creator, Joanne Lesley Malone, can now create stories also in Romania, luring niche perfume addicts to design their own perfume and their personal fairy tale at the same time.

Jo Malone London is exclusively available in Obsentum store in Baneasa Shopping City.

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