Film O’Clock International Festival returns with its second edition in six countries in March


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The second edition of Film O’Clock International Festival will take place between 1st and 6th of March 2022, in six countries united by the 25° East longitude meridian, sharing the same time zone: Romania, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Greece, Egypt and South Africa, with simultaneous screenings in six cinemas or physical venues, one in each participating country, industry events and online debates.

Although Film O’Clock was created as a hybrid event, combining traditional screenings with the use of VoD platforms, the strategy for the 2022 edition is to focus on physical venues and a return to cinemas.

After two extremely difficult years and a lot of social distancing, we understand that the whole planet has lost the warm and extremely human interaction in the cinema. We all missed the physical encounters that help to forge a stronger bond between filmmakers and viewers, and ultimately between us and those around us. We understand the value of in-person communication, which is difficult to convey in text or using emoticons. It’s time to meet again in person.” – Mirona Radu, Founder and Director Film O’Clock International Festival.

Film O’Clock is more than a film festival – it is a true cultural movement that uses the meridian and the time zone to transform the Earth into a cinematographic stronghold.  Although we are located on the same meridian, we are rarely aware that we share the same time with people who are at distance, both geographically and culturally – and that it is precisely that time, the festival’s founding idea, can bring us closer together.

The festival features only films produced in the participating countries, with a focus on films whose authors share a strong artistic vision. The festival agenda includes a short film competition and a non-competitive series of special screenings of classic feature films. Film O’Clock respects the cinematographic heritage of each country and aims to bring classic films to light because they have shaped and enriched universal film culture.

Short films can be submitted individually into the competition by filling the entry form available on the Festival’s website: until 9th of January 2022.  Production of the short films entered must have been completed after 1st of January 2020.
The public will vote for the best short film award worth €800 gross. The prize will be attributed to the producer – natural or legal person. The special prize offered by the organizers, with a gross value of €600, will be awarded to the director of the short film considered to bring an innovative vision that promotes cinematic excellence.

The festival is an annual, competitive, and non-specialized event and the second edition of the festival is organized and produced by Creatrix Fama and ABI Foundation.

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