Film on the victims of domestic violence screened at art gallery in Bucharest

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Physical abuse is the most visible form of domestic violence, but it’s not the only one. Disguised under various forms, the topic has been ignored through the years, avoided or superficially tackled in the absence of an education in this regard. Unfortunate statistics show that one woman becomes victim of the domestic violence in Romania every 30 seconds.

ANAIS, an NGO that supports the victims of the domestic violence under the motto „you won’t get over it if you are silent”, is bringing a groundbreaking documentary film on this topic directed by Ioana Mischie, „Voci netacute”. The film features seven victims of the domestic violence who are breaking the silence and double some silent movies in the 20s.

In order to speak openly about this topic and to educate the audience on the domestic violence issue, the documentary will be seen at Kube Musette Gallery (114 Calea Victoriei) during March 29-31.

The stories in the film present different types of abuse, from the psychological, economic to the sexual one, and even to murder attempts. Women who were physically abused, knocked down by violent husbands or concubines who ended up in jail or are walking free, ruined families, children witnessing the tragedies. The victims who had the courage to speak up are recounting now their own life stories in order to inspire other women to seek aid in these situations.

The 7 chapters of the film will be screened on 7 separate screens. The event is opening on Friday, March 29, at 7 p.m., with viewers being able to see it on Saturday from 11:00hr to 23:00hr and Sunday from 11:00hr to 19:00hr.

The audience can support the victims of domestic violence by sending a SMS to 8833 that should contain the word „NETACERE” (fix donation of EUR 2). The money will be used by ANAIS for support and therapy for the victims and also to fund the only emergency shelter in Bucharest for the abused women.

FB Event available here.

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