Bold Film Studio, the first film investment fund in Romania, starts filming the local production “Taximetristi”


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Bold Film Studio, the first film investment fund in Romania, announces its first film project, the film “Taximetristi/Taxi drivers“, directed by Bogdan Theodor Olteanu. The film is a screen adaptation of the 2018 play of the same name, from the repertoire of the Apollo 111 theater. Filming takes place in Bucharest until the middle of October, the film reaching cinemas across the country on February 3, 2023.

The cast of the film includes Alexandru Ion (“Portretul luptatorului la tinerete”, “Las Fierbinti”), Ronaldo Matsangos (“Hartia va fi albastra”, “Sieranevada”), Maria Popistasu (“Marti dupa Craciun”, “Intregalde”), Victoria Raileanu (“Vlad”), Monica Barladeanu (“Despre oameni si melci”, “Moartea domnului Lazarescu”, “Closer to the Moon”), Andi Vasluianu (“Sieranevada”, “Umbre”, “Despre oameni si melci”) or Cosmin Nedelcu (Micutzu).  Special guests include Adrian Nicolae (“Lumea e a mea”, “Mia isi rateaza razbunarea”) and the rapper Spike.

Bold Film Studio proposes a new business recipe for the capitalization of Romanian film, based on quality commercial films, with well-known actors, which will primarily offer entertainment, but which can also be an organic promotion platform for brands. At the same time, the production of the film is based on an exclusively private capitalization fund, corporate and angel investors, but also a profit share model similar to international investment funds.

“Taximetristi” is the first film produced by Bold Film Studio. Considering the success of the play with the same name, we are sure that the film will have the same success in cinemas, especially since we have celebrities, established actors and stars playing in the film. Our strategy is to produce quality commercial films, which can be enjoyed by as many Romanians as possible, who can regain the pleasure of watching local films. At the same time, our productions are thought to be a good innovative and organic promotion platform for brands that target a consistent exposure to large audiences”, says Cristian Anastasiu (photo), Executive Director for Bold Film Studio.

The film, produced by Bold Film Studio together with Tangaj Production and Avanpost Media, will arrive in cinemas in Romania on February 3, 2023. As in the case of the play, the script of the film is signed by Bogdan Theodor Olteanu together with Adrian Nicolae. “Taximetristi” tells the story of Lica and Liviu, two taxi drivers who in the course of a single night cross paths with all kinds of clients who end up unexpectedly having an impact on their lives, for better, but also for worse.

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