Famous designers, cover girls and punk queens at Bucharest Fashion Film Festival online

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The portrait of the radical designer Martin Margiela, the story of a former model whose only desire is to fade away, filmed by her son, and four camp, strange movies by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Jacques Rivette, Derek Jarman and Ulrike Ottinger can be seen on TIFF Unlimited, during November 6-11 within Bucharest Fashion Film Festival. The films can be seen in the pay-per-view system, with tickets being available in advance at unlimited.tiff.ro.

Details about the full selection, masterclasses and others are available at bucharestfashionfilm.ro.

Martin Margiela: In His Own Words

Direction: Reiner Holzemer // 2019/ 90′

An intimate profile of Martin Margiela, one of the most revolutionary and influential designers of our times. From Jean Paul Gaultier’s assistant and Hermes creative director to the establishment of his own brand, Margiela has never been seen in public, but he reinvented the way we see fashion through his radical style.

The Disappearance of My Mother

Direction: Beniamino Baresse // 2019/ 94′

Benedetta wants to disappear. An iconic cover girl in the 60s, she became the muse of such artists as Warhol, Dalo, Penn or Avedon. As a radical feminist in the 70s, she fought for the rights and emancipation of women. But now, aged 75, she gets tired of all the roles that have been imposed to her and decides to disappear somewhere, far away from the world she knows. Behind the camera, her son, who has been filming her since he was a child, is the witness of this last journey.

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Beware of a Holy Whore

Rainer Werner Fassbinder// West Germany / 1971 / 104′

A film director and the star of his movie are getting late to reach the film set. In their absence, the crew finished the alcohol resources, they get bored and frustrated and morality reaches some limits. When the two eventually arrive, the director is furious about the chaos on the film set. Celine and Julie Go Boating

Jacques Rivette // France / 1974 / 194′

The lives of two women who become friends in a mysterious way get interrupted by a strange boudoir melodrama that seems to take place in a parallel, hallucinating reality. Celine is walking through a park in Paris, leaving behind a scarf first, then other objects, too. Julie becomes intrigued and cannot abstain from not following her, taking every item. So a fantasy relation starts, where the two ends exchanging identities.

Ticket of No Return

Ulrike Ottinger // West Germany / 1979 / 108′

She bought a one way ticket to Berlin, in an attempt to forget the past, to abandon it like a doomed house. She wants to focus all her energies on only one thing, something that can be only hers. Berlin, a city completely foreign to her, seems to be the ideal place where she can pursue her passion:  the alcohol. She lives to drinks and drinks to live.Jubilee

Derek Jarman //UK // 1974 / 106′

Queen Elizabeth I is traveling 400 years in the future to actually witness a terrible discovery: a dystopia version of London, invaded by corruption and by a vicious gang of punk guerrilla girls led by the new Punk monarch. Now that UK is practically abandoned, where is Her Majesty, the true Queen Elizabeth II?

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