Goethe Institute brings the best fresh German movies to Bucharest for anniversary edition of German Film Days

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The tenth edition of the German Film Days will kick off in mid October, as a traditional event annually held by Goethe Institute in Bucharest.

The festival is due during October 16-22, bringing 13 German most awarded feature films into the limelight, covering a large thematic: from avantgarde movies to cult films, from debut films signed by young German filmmakers to productions by renowned directors, from intimate stories to scripts with large social impact.

This year edition will also enjoy the presence of some German high-top guests, such as René Frölke, director of „Le beau danger” or Mark Redeer, the star of „B-Movie”, musician, producer, actor and one of the film’s authors.

The venue of the screenings is Studio Cinema, with the first night booked up on October 16 for „Victoria”, the most praised thriller by Sebastian Schipper, considered the German suprise of Berlinale 2015.

„Scheduled in the opening of the festival, <Victoria> will certainly engage the audience also due to the fact it was shot in one 140-minute long frame. It’s an impressive achievement in terms of picture (however it was awarded the Silver Bear at this year’s Berlinale), which was possible due to the flexibility and the improvisational talent of the actors,” Evelin Hust, the director of Goethe Institute in Bucharest said.ziele filmului german X

A special event is scheduled in the end of the festival at Club Control: The B-Movie screening, a film documenting the Western German musical underground of the 80s- an event attended by staring actor Mark Reeder himself- followed by a performance of Future Nuggets and Loved by Ghosts bands.

Film critic Andrei Rus made the movie selection this year: „Le beau danger” , René Frölke’s film about Romanian writer Norman Manea, „Solo Sunny”, one of the cult films of the German Democratic Republic signed by late Konrad Wolf, former director, artistic director and president of the Art Academy in GDR or „Härte/ Dangerous Love” signed by Rosa von Praunheim, one of the most important representatives of the postmodern German film, awarded third prize at Berlinale 2015 „Panorama Special”.

„One of the key-words that can describe the current edition of the festival is diversity. If the German cinema has proposed various stylistic formulas in the last year and tackled a variety of themese- both documentaries and fictional movies-I considered important that these should be reflected in the movie selection. That’s why I was interested in paying an equal attention bot to some legendary filmmakers, whose achievements are coming in front of the Romanian audience too sporadically (Edgar Reitz and Rosa von Praunheim) and also to several of them in their halcyon days (Andreas Dresen, Oskar Roehler or Sebastian Schipper), but also to the new comers with a good perspective ((Edward Berger and Julian Radlmaier, for instance),” Andrei Rus explained his choices.

“Andrei Rus’ selection shows in an as relevant possible way the wide spectre the German movie is covering- both thematically and stylistically. This jubilee edition also represents a starting point of a new project that Goethe Institute Bukarest will take care of in the upcoming months, namely presenting and introducing movies from GDR, which are less known in Romania,” Evelin Hust concluded.

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