More Films de Cannes à Bucarest in cinema starting on Thursday

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Six films from this year’s Les Films de Cannes à Bucarest will be displayed at Cinema Elvire Popesco in Bucharest between November 13 and 16.

The six additional screenings have been requested by the audience and are as follows: “Winter Sleep”, “Leviathan”, “The Tribe”, “Maidan”, “Bridges of Sarajevo” and “La Jaula de Oro”.

The tickets for the additional screenings can be purchased online at, but also directly from Elvira Popescu Cinema.

The fifth edition of Les Films de Cannes à Bucarest, which took place from October 24 to 30, had over 14,000 spectators, a record number in the festival’s short history. Numerous films included in the program were sold-out. Almost half of all tickets were purchased before the start of the festival.

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