“The Chosen One” Romanian movie awarded at Madrid International Film Festival

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“The Chosen One” directed by Cristian Comeag? was awarded the trophy for the best direction of a foreign film at the International Film Festival in Madrid held during July 2-11. The feature film was nominated for three trophy categories, for the best direction of a foreign movie, for the best foreign movie and for the best editing.

This is the seventh prize obtained by “The Chosen One” this year, after the ones for the best foreign movie, for the best director, for the best image and for the best music in Los Angeles. Comeag?’s film has also been awarded in Vancouver with the Rising Star and he received the platinum prize for the best fiction movie at the International Independent Film Awards Encino, California.

“The Chosen One,” starring Bogdan Stanoevici, Laura Cosoi, Nicodim Ungureanu and Olimpia Melinte, was premiered in Romania on April 24. It was produced by Domino Film and distributed by InterComFilm Distribution.

Romanian director, writer and producer Cristian Comeaga described his film as a “testified history, a subjective speech.” “Nothing of what happens in the film, no place thereof and no character tells anything about me, yet altogether tell my entire story. That is why this time I find it both easy and hared to plead,” producers quote him as saying in a press release.

The story goes like that. Sometimes in early 80s, while he was still a pupil, Mr. X was helped to flee the country by those who had the mission to keep him here at any cost. Few years later, they asked him a favor in exchange: a murder. First he opposed the idea, then he conformed to it, but hesitation made him pay a high price: they declared him dead, while he had to leave the adoptive country, giving up his identity, family, his entire life. He thought he lost everything, but has recently found out he still stood to lose a lot.

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