What are Romanians watching on Netflix?


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Comparitech analyzed the Netflix viewing history of nearly 25k users in 46 countries to determine the most popular movies and series in every country.

When it comes to picking a movie, the majority of users love nothing more than a cheesy, heart-warming classic. But when choosing a series, Netflix Originals are giving them the most thrills.

And one user in Spain has watched 25,290 minutes (the equivalent of 421.5 hours or 17.5 days) of Star Trek.

Romania’s most popular movie on Netflix is The Amazing Spider-Man and the most popular series is Lucifer.

According to the user data submitted through our tool, most of us turned to Clueless when tuning into Netflix for movie night. But, as we’ll see below, some countries favored this title more than others.

Other movies in the top 5 included Twilight, Mean Girls, The Notebook, and Mamma Mia!, highlighting that romance, comedy, and drama win the race when it comes to movie choices on Netflix. This theme continues into the remainder of the top 10, too, with Wild Child, Shrek (1 and 2), The Kissing Booth, and The Holiday.

The average year for the most-watched movies is 2009, but the most frequent year is 2020. So while users like to dig into the archives to watch the classics, they’re also taking their pick of the hottest new releases.

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