Films directed by Spanish female directors at Cervantes Institute in Bucharest

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Women’s month is celebrated this year at the Cervantes Institute in Bucharest by the screening of some films directed by Spanish contemporary female filmmakers.

The film selection, united under the motto “Feminine space. Personal and Political”, includes two feature films, a documentary and a series of short films.

The films will be screened on a daily basis during March 12-14 starting 7 p.m. at the Auditorium Hall of the Cervantes Institute (38 Regina Elisabeta Boulevard). The films will be screened in the original audio version, with English subtitling.

The access is free, based on a previous booking by e-mail sent to (reservation is confirmed only after receiving a written answer to the booking request).



Thursday, March 12, 19:00hrs

La filla d’algú – feature film (Marcel Alcantara Flores; Julia De Paz Solvas; Sara Fantova Barrena; Enric Vilageliu Arnella; Alejandro Marín; Carlos Villafina Peláez; Gerard Vidal Cortes; Celia Giraldo Lozano; Guillem Gallego Bertran; Valentín Moulias; Pol Vidal Rivas, 2019).

“Eli is a lawyer from upper class who is pregnant at her thirties. On the same day the Oral Hearing of a media trial has taking place, her father, a renowned lawyer from Barcelona, disappears,” according to

Original Catalan and Spanish audio version, English subtitling.


Friday, March 13, 19:00hrs

Young and Beautiful – feature film/documentary (Marina Lameiro, 2018)

Original Spanish audio version, English subtitling.

“Young & Beautiful is the polyhedric portrait of a generation accused of not wanting to grow-up; a generation which has been cornered to accept a hopeless world and a country in crisis, in which it has been announced that the one way to survive is to abandon dreams“, reads the synopsis on


Saturday, March 14, 19:00hrs

Tódallas mulleres que coñezo – feature film (Xiana do Teixeiro, 2018)

Original Galician and Spanish audio version, English subtitling.

A “putting into words” for thinking about the social imbalance between men and women in our country; a spoken film composed of key conversations in three interlinked and significant settings, starting with the turning point of Alcàsser and the changes in behavior that it brought for women at the national level, with the sensationalist amplifier of the media. (GGP)

Short films

  • Dúctiles (Marisa Benito, 2018) – Original Spanish audio version, English subtitling.
  • Centrifugado (Mireia Noguera, 2018) – Original Spanish audio version, English subtitling.
  • No me despertéis (Sara Fantova, 2018) – Original Spanish and euskera audio version, English subtitling.
  • Quand j’étais petit (Elena Molina, 2015) – Original French audio, English subtitling.


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