First lady Carmen Iohannis attends Media Music Awards, drives convertible


President Iohannis’ wife, Carmen Iohannis, who is an English teacher at a high school in Sibiu, has been seen quite often in public since the new academic year has started.

The first lady was seen at the Media Music Awards (MMA) in Sibiu dancing and singing on Smiley and Voltaj music. Carmen Iohannis came to the Romanian music awards gala on Thursday night with her friends and watched the show from a tribune quite far away from the stage. The President’s wife dances and sang, while also taking photos during the recitals of some artists. She mainly enjoyed hearing songs by Smiley and Voltaj. 31 Romanian artists performed at Media Music Awards on Thursday, the second large musical event in Romania in 2016 after Untold in Cluj.

Asked by the Agerpres journalist how did she like the awards, Carmen Iohannis said “it was very nice”.

By far, the glamour boys of the MMA were Carla’s Dream that won no less than seven prizes for “the best song”, “the best band”, “the best video clip”, “the best stands on the first position”, “the most voted artist”, “the winter’s hit” and “the best YouTube”. Andra was awarded “the best female singer”, “the most appreciated artist on Facebook” and “the fastest number one”. Smiley was awarded the best male singer”, while Mihail “was the best new male artist”.

Convertible ride

Carmen Iohannis was also seen in the media driving a convertible during a trip to Cisnadioara next to her students from the 11th grade, where she is form master.carmen-masina-decapotabila

Gandul daily released footage showing Carmen Iohannis driving a convertible, next to several high school girls, with one of them using a selfie stick to take a video coverage and photos.

One of the schoolgirls posted the video on Facebook with Carmen Iohannis driving and waving at the camera and the girls laughing and singing.

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