Flori de Ie pursues trip to unveil Romanian traditional port overseas

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A new event presenting the Romanians national dress and customs to foreigners is due in Bari, Italy, on March 9th. It focuses on revealing the Martisor, the Romanians spring tradition and the Romanian folk costumes and the famous „ie”, the embroidered peasant blouse who is in vogue among local and foreign designers.

The event called „Spring, welcome with Martisor!”, is organized by Tracia Land Italia Association and its representative Monica Irimia and Flori de Ie founder, Cristina Chiriac in partnership with Aldo Moro Faculty, the Business and Tourism University and make up artist Brandusa Bordeianu.

The martisor trinket and the white and red string symbolizes both life and the purity of the soul but also the sacrifice and blood. The legend has it that Martisor was a gift offered by girls and women to boys and men, on the occasion of spring, to celebrate the nature revival and as an auspicious symbol of health and beauty,” said Monica Irimia, Tracia Land coordinator for south.ie

The event is hosted by the Aldo Moro University in Bari and is part of a partnership developed with the local city hall. Flori de Ie is organizing a parade of the Romanian traditional costumes from its own collection, worn by the members of the Romanian community in Italy.

A documentary on the Romania’s history and culture and a photo documentary by Agerpres will lead the audience through Romania’s history.

Cristina Chiriac travelled around the world, taking the ‘flori de ie’ stories and promoting the Romanian hand made art from New York to London, Vienna, Abu Dhabi, Moscow, Dubai and Shanghai.

More journeys and surprises are announced in the future. Through the Romanian ‘ia’ we succeeded in offering a new perspective on our values to the people overseas. Flori de Ie is trying to preserve and hand down what the experts on our folk tradition name the magical signs carefully needled, which aim to protect the bearer from evil spirits. At present, the Romanian ‘ia’ represents the best ambassador of the Romanian values, creating bridges and binding hearts, while bringing hope to the soul.”

Flori de Ie is the first concept based on the Romanian traditional dress, acknowledged by other international brands among national and foreign projects such as international fashion and design exhibitions and fairs.

During the event in Bari, we would like to welcome the spring of 2017 with Romanian authentic stories. Thus, people of different nationalities, Spanish, Italian, Indian or Brazilian, will have the opportunity to present the Romanian ia. We want to show the traditional valuable art of the Romanian people to the world,” said Cristina Chiriac.

Flori de Ie mission is to become a valuable tool in presenting the Romanian traditional port worldwide, by encouraging and mediating partnerships with other countries.

Further details on the brand are available at: www.florideie.ro.

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