Foreign artists, architects, historians are coming to Romania for the International Art Symposium “Rebirth Through Art” in Lapusna


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At the end of August, the rooms that once belonged to kings, queens, noblemen and outstanding politicians are opening for the creative spirits! Between 27th of August and 2nd of September 2018, the Royal Hunting Castle in Lapusna, Romania hosts the first edition of the International Art Symposium “Rebirth through Art”, organised by Media Matrix NGO.

Internationally renowned artists, architects, historians and art critics from Romania and countries like Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Moldova, Macedonia, Poland, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom take part in an innovative cultural initiative to revitalize the rural cultural space and to capitalize on the cultural heritage of Gurghiu Valley, Mureş County, through Art.

Through creative workshops, documentary and research visits, art exhibitions and seminars in a welcoming environment, the symposium promotes the importance of capitalizing on cultural heritage and artistic creation in the community, sensitizes the public on Romanian cultural values and brings it into contact with other cultures and their contemporary expressions that they would otherwise not have access to.

Creative and educational activities will take place at the Royal Hunting Castle in Lapusna, open to visitors throughout the symposium, in the allegorical village of the Gurghiu Valley Communities and the Etnographic Museum “Anton Badea”, Reghin. For the purpose of research, Romanian and foreign invited guests will have the opportunity to discover the Romanian heritage by visiting various tourist and cultural sights along the Gurghiu valley and the city of Reghin.

The symposium aims to be a catalyst for intercultural exchange, to stimulate creativity and dialogue, to promote cultural diversity by facilitating international connections between contemporary artists, outstanding personalities in the field of culture, art and education, artistic communities, cultural institutions, public authorities and the business environment in Romania and abroad. The International Art Symposium “Rebirth through Art” aims to create a lasting cultural context that contributes to a good understanding of the artistic phenomena, to support contemporary creation and to encourage the widest access of the public to culture.

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