Foreign tourists lured in Romania by TIFF, Enescu Festival and Bucharest art Biennale


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Romanian cultural events such as Bucharest contemporary art Biennale, TIFF-Transylvania International Film Festival or Enescu Festival are internationally renowned events, representing a destination for culture avid tourists but also for cultural professionals, Tripsta online travel agency.

For instance, Bucharest contemporary art Biennale (May 25-July 22, 2014) attracted most tourists from UK (13pc), Greece (10pc), Germany (7pc), Turkey and Norway (6pc each), Austria (5pc), the Czech Republic, Spain, France, the Netherlands (4pc each), while the rest of 37 percent came from other destinations.

For the biennale, foreign tourists used to book their trips 33 days ahead, while spending about two weeks in Romania on the average (13 days). Tourists from Norway spent the most to plan their journey- 46 days before leaving. Norwegians were also spending the longest vacations in Romania on this occasion (20 days). On the opposite, Turkish tourists spent least time to book the flights to Romania (12 days) before the event and spent one week in Bucharest on the average.

As for TIFF (May 29-June 7, 2015), tourists booked their flights 41 days before the event, while spending five days in Romania on the average. Greeks (14%) knew they would come to TIFF 65 days before and spent 10 days in Cluj. Interestingly, Romanians also reserved plane tickets for Cluj 12 days before TIFF.

Most of the tourists who attended TIFF were Swedish (58pc), but also Greeks and Portuguese tourists (14pc each).

The most-expected edition of “George Enescu” International Festival, due August 30-September 20 mostly attracted British tourists (20pc), Germans (10pc), Czech, Greek and Turkish visitors (7pc each), Italians (5pc), Austrian, Cypriot and Portuguese music lovers (4pc each) and French citizens (3pc). Other Romanian and foreign tourists (26 percent) are coming from other destinations.

Most of the tourists booked their flights 35 to 81 days before the festival, planning to stay three to 12 days in our country.

The tourists who have planned their trip the longest come from Germany, booking their flights 81 days before leaving. The Czech tourists booked their flights 56 days ahead, while British 54 days before the classic music festival.

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