Four potential scenarios in Romania for resuming shows, concerts

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How will shows and concerts will be resumed in Romania amid the continuing coronavirus pandemic? Culture minister Bogdan Gheorghiu talked about four potential scenarios to allow spectators’ access:
  • presenting the proof of anti-COVID vaccination;
  • presenting a negative test conducted 48 hours before the event;
  • presenting a medical document to certify SARS-CoV-2 antibodies gained following the infection;
  • rapid testing before the event, in the case of people who don’t fall under the previous three scenarios.
Asked how might the cultural season 2021 might look like, considering the information available at this point, Culture minister replied: “At this point, as PM Florin Citu had also announced, several inter-ministry groups on various sectors have been established, and the goal is to have some clear norms to provide predictability after the time frame advanced by the prime minister, the June 1 one, so that event planners, the ones in HoReCa, to be able a plan A and a plan B if the statistics are getting worse. It is precisely because, without predictability, nobody can make plans, neither financial, nor in terms of organization“.
Also questioned if the artists’ anti-COVID vaccination might be enabled, the minister said there were talks that artists should have been included in the second phase of vaccination, but it was not possible.
However, we were promised that artists will be included in the first phase of the third stage of vaccination,” minister Bogdan Gheorghiu said.

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