French author Laurent Gounelle is coming to Romania to launch his latest book

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Renowned French writer Laurent Gounelle is coming to Romania, upon the invitation of Trei Publishing House. He will meet readers at the Carturesti Verona bookstore on October 10, at 7 p.m, when he will also launch his latest book, published in France last year “I Promise You Freedom”, a story urging readers to discover their own personality and the ones of the people close to them.

His first book, “The Man Who Wanted to Be Happy” was published in 2008 and became a world bestseller, translated in 25 languages and topping the sales in France.

The Day I Learned to Live” came in 2014, a novel about self discovery and about the meaning of life, followed by “You Will Find the Treasure Within You” in 2016, a dive in the spiritual world.

All three books were published by Trei Publishing House in Romania.

Born in 1966 to a Catholic mother and a Protestant father, Laurent had a very strict education. When he was 17 he wanted to become a psychiatrist, but he was discouraged by his father and the family doctor and, pressed by his parents, he chose a career in business. However, at the age of 23, Laurent has an existential crisis, which eventually led him to writing and psychology and liberal arts.

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