“Frozen Bucharest”: 200 persons “to freeze” at the tube station on Sunday


About 200 persons will turn into human statues in a tube station downtown Bucharest on Sunday within “Frozen Bucharest” event.

The exact tube station where the event is going to happen will be held secret so that human statues could take Bucharesters by surprise.

The event organized by the “Unusual Group” will take place during 2 and 4 p.m. The group of youngsters is eyeing to turn crowded, dull places of the Romanian Capital’s locations into special, creative ones.

So, they hope to make Bucharest tube station passengers go ahead with the event or, at least, smooth for five minutes.

“People are more and more pressed for time, absent-minded or thundery. We believe we can make them see the world differently, just for a day, make them smile, wonder and pay more attention to the time quality. Volunteers are expected to attend the event, as many volunteers as possible. They will be mere passers-by, will travel by subway and will “freeze” at a certain hour, at a certain minute. They will not freeze to death, unfortunately, but they will stand still for 5 minutes, whereupon they will get back to normal, as if nothing had happened!”, the leader of the “Unusual Group” told Mediafax.

Those interested in taking part in the event must fill in the blank on the event’s Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/events/1402061256758974/), in order to get a line on the joint.

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