Globatic tours exotic cultures in 8 Romanian cities


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800 members of the GROW non-formal education programme coming from 8 Romanian cities will train their team working abilities within Globatic event, which is set to promote exotic cultures and traditions from over 10 countries. Globatic is an event celebrating multiculturality and tolerance organised by GROW students and international trainers.

Mexico, Indonesia or Egypt? What about a short vacation in one exotic country where you can meet new customs and taste some traditional dishes? You won’t need any passport or air-travel ticket. Globatic destinations rejoin countries like Egypt, China, Japan, Sweden, the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Denmark, Greece or France. So, you’ll be able to meet foreign traditions, costumes, dances, music and other curiosities. The access is free.globatic (2)


Bucharest – AFI Palace Cotroceni, February 19th, 7 p.m.

Brașov – February 20th

Cluj-Napoca – Central, 3rd floor, February 20

Galați – University, February 21st

Iași – Palas Mall, February 21st

Brăila – February 21st

Pitești – Jupiter City Mall, February 21st

Târgu Mureș – Promenada Mall, February 27th

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