Globalworth hosts the first augmented reality art gallery with video mapping animations in Romania

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Globalworth Tower is turning into an art gallery for three weeks, during July 31-August 24, and not any kind of art gallery, but the first one in Romania augmented with video mapping animations. The cultural initiative is developed by Globalworth in partnership with One Night Gallery. The project aims at promoting the young generation of Romanian artists, also getting involved the community in the Barbu Vacarescu district in Bucharest.

Victor Fota @Art & Tech District by Globalworth

The opening is due on July 31, with the first part in the Human Extension series, which will be hosted in the Globalworth Tower main lobby (201 Barbu Vacarescu) until August 7.

Visitors can discover the second part of the works from the same collection during August 8-17, then works from the Entropy series will be on display from August 18 to August 24.

Paintings are signed by artist Victor Fota and are part of the Extension and Entropy series, through which he is exploring the relation between man and technology. One Night Gallery has used the augmented virtual reality to transpose the spectator in the artist’s story, where video mapping animations are shaping the fascinating universe of his paintings.

The exhibition is augmented through the Artivive App, while the animations are made by the  Aural Eye video mapping studio.

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