Peasant Museum hosts photo display on Transylvanian Saxons’ fortified churches, Romanian folk costumes

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“Peter Jacobi’s donation to the National Peasant Museum” photo exhibition including a selections of photos on the fortified churches of the Transylvanian Saxons and on ladies’ peasant clothes opened at the Peasant Museum on Friday. The display can be visited by August 30.

The photos of  German sculptor of Romanian orginins Peter Jacobi, shot during 2004 and 2005, unveil some of the fortified churches in Transylvania. According to a press release issued by the museum, the photos aims at warning over this endangendered patrimony. After the Transylvanian Saxons’ mass exodus in the 90s, the fortified churches have been abandoned while facing degradation.

The exhibition also contains photos describing ladies from the Romanian nobility and middle class wearing Romanian folk costumes.

“As everybody knows, Queen Elisabeta I adopted the Romanian traditional folk style in Court, although only peasants used to wear it. Her example was followed by Queen Mary and by princess Elisabeta, Maria and Ileana, but also by most of the high-class ladies of those times,” reads the release.

The entrance is free.

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