Shaolin Kung Fu monks come to Bucharest in February

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2016 promises to be a year of cultural surprises. On February 27 the legendary Shaolin Kung Fu monks will showcase the Chinese culture to the Romanian public in a perfomance that includes strenuous exercises. Thus, a group of 14 masters will perform at the Palace Hall in Bucharest.

In their monastery near the holy mountain Song Shan, Zen Buddhists practice physical and mental exercise at the highest spiritual and corporal levels.

“Qi” – the energy that floods the body – can be blocked and stimulated through meditation and breathing techniques, so that those who know how to control it can become immune to pain and injuries for a short time and can use it in order to accelerate the healing process.

The show will consist of impressive physical movements, executed by a group of 14 monks and masters, led by the temple’s 75-year-old master.

The spectators will get acquainted and will interact with the secret world of Chinese philosophy, culture and myths, with the world of the Zen Buddhist, and particularly with the energy that gives life to the body – “Qi”.

The Shaolin Kung Fu monks are currently undergoing a special tournament for celebrating 20 years of incredible shows around the world.

Tickets are available in Eventim network at prices ranging from RON 245 to RON 80.

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