Spring totems at Artmark auction

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Artmark invites art enthusiasts to celebrate Dragobete (Romanian Lovers’ day), Martisor (Celebration of spring) and the Women’s Day all in one, as if it was for the first time and to confer them the right symbol that they truly deserve. Martisor auction is bring along a selection of fairy objects, true totems of the upcoming spring.

The golden pandant brooch with micro mosaic put up for sale at the estimated price EUR 1,200-1,800 is holding a special meaning. The mosaic is identic with another one discovered at Hadrian Villa in Tivoli in 1737, which, in its turn, was recomposing the image of a Greece ornamental set from Pergam, described by Plinius the Elder in his „Historia Naturalis” masterpiece.

A true collection object dating back in the 19th century is the Girard-Perregaux watch, estimated for EUR 1,000-1,400. The ticker has a golden case, two covers, is adorned with rubies and is covering up old stories from the aristocrats pockets where it has been hidden over the time.

Among other special jewelry, there are the white gold pendant, adorned with 12 carats black diamond, which can be found only in Brazil and the Central African Republic (EUR 2,000-3,000), the impressive golde Crivelli ring, adorned with diamonds and pearl (EUR 4,000-5,000) made by the famous Italian jeweler at the beginning of his business and brought to Romania in the 70s, the elegant silver Art Deco set (EUR 800-1,200) or the pink golden ring, adorned with morganite (EUR 800-1,200).

The ornamental art collections is offering the elegant silver vinegar bottle Edward & William Smith, estimated at EUR 180-250, the Neoclassic silver Jakob Weiss grip (EUR 70-100) or the silver dessert set, a 19th century designer brand, sold in its original box (EUR 300-400).

But, perhaps the most beautiful stories are those hidden or unveiled by the small-size paintings of the incumbent display. “Letter to my son” by Ludovic Bassarab, estimated for EUR 900-1,400, “The flower girl” by Nicolae Vermont (EUR 2,000-3,000), “Mamut’s café” by Lucian Grigorescu (EUR 800-1,500), “Intimacy” by Mihail Simonidy (EUR 800-1,200), “Self-portrait” by Rudolf Schweitzer-Cump?na (EUR 1,800-2,500) or surprising “Olympia” by Theodor Pallady (EUR 1,500-2,500).

The exhibition is on display at the Artmark headquarters until February 23. The first part of the auction is due on February 24, at 20:00, while the second part is scheduled for February 26, at 19:30, both of them taking place at Athénée Palace Hilton.

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