Green Carnation, Truckfighters, Allochiria and Belzebong, headliners at the 4th edition of SoundArt Festival 2020

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The 4th edition of SoundArt Festival will take place between March 13-15, 2020, in Quantic Club, Bucharest. This annual well known event aims to transcend the sphere of progressive and stoner sounds and become a festival where people can discover the many artistic faces of music. From sludge and post-metal sounds, going through the real essence of the stoner genre and reaching the avant-garde of modern neofolk, this SoundArt Festival edition is luring you to embark in a spiritual and musical journey where you will expand your audio and visual boundaries.

The artwork of SoundArt Festival is executed by the famous Romanian artist Costin Chioreanu.

SoundArt Festival 2020 line-up:

Green Carnation – avantgarde/progressive metal, Norway –

Truckfighters – stoner, Sweden –

Allochiria – sludge/post-metal, Greece –

Belzebong – stoner/doom metal, Poland –

ARAC Ensemble – neo-dark folk, Romania –

The Dead Creed – acoustic death-doom, Greece –

Eyes To Argus – experimental post-rock, Malta –

A Broken Design – hard rock/stoner rock, Malta –

Contraband X – groove/progressive metal, Romania –

Beauty and the Rat – post-grunge/stoner metal, Romania –

SoundArt Festival on facebook: &

Tickets and 3-days passes are available online at

Prices in presale (*prices in euro are estimated):

3-days pass (13-15 march) – 170 Lei (36 euro)

 Daily tickets:

Day I (The Dead Creed, ARAC Ensemble) – 40 lei (9 euro)

Day II (Contraband X, Eyes To Argus, Belzebong, Green Carnation) – 90 Lei (19 euro)

Day III (Beauty and the Rat, A Broken Design, Allochiria, Truckfighters) – 90 Lei (19 euro)

Prices during 13-15 of March (*prices in euro are estimated):

3-days pass (13-15 march) – 200 Lei (42 euro)

Daily tickets:

Day I (The Dead Creed, ARAC Ensemble) – 50 lei (11 euro)

Day II (Contraband X, Eyes To Argus, Belzebong, Green Carnation) – 120 Lei (26 euro)

Day III (Beauty and the Rat, A Broken Design, Allochiria, Truckfighters) – 120 Lei (26 euro

Green Carnation from Kristiansand, Norway, was founded as early as 1990, but after founding member Tchort joined legends-to-be Emperor, for their Darkside Eclipse album, and continued in Satyricon and Einherjer, the band was shut down until their debut album, A Journey To The End Of The Night in 2000. Big parts of the line up was changed until the bands epic Light of Day, Day of Darkness was released in 2001, and the band changed in amore rock’ish direction with A Blessing in Disguise (2003) and The Quiet Offspring (2005), before the stripped down Acoustic Verses came in 2006. The band is also known for having released on of the more spectacular concert DVDs, recorded in the mountains in Norway, under a 30 meters high water dam, and with audience from all over the world. A Night Under The Dam was also released in 2006.

Hailing from Örebro, Sweden, Truckfighters have become a fundament in the ‘stoner rock/metal’ sub-genre with fans all over the world. With the two founding members Dango and Ozo as the intact core, with a number of drummers coming and going. In August 2019 the band returns from a two year hiatus kicking off with a world tour to celebrate the first album ‘Gravity X’. Originally released 2005 in Europe (2006 USA) it turns 15 years in 2020. The celebration jump starts with selected shows in North America and a big European tour in 2019. The rest of the world (hopefully) to follow in 2020-2021.

Belzebong came to life in 2008 in Kielce (Poland), and has released four studio albums Sonic Scapes & Weedy Grooves (2011), Dungeon Vultures (2013), Greenferno (2015) and Light The Dankness (2018). The band’s style is a mix of stoner / doom metal interpreted only instrumental and the band’s appearance is a mysterious one, especially in live concerts where the members’ faces are always hidden.


Allochiria is a post-sludge/post-black/progressive metal band from Athens, Greece. They were formed in 2008, and they released a self-titled EP in 2010. On January 2014, they released their first full-length album, “Omonoia”. On December 2016 Art of Propaganda record label released the band’s second album, “Throes”, on March 2017. Allochiria are currently working on their new record which will be released by Snow Wave records on late 2019-early 2020.





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