How many minutes do Romanian net users spend online on a daily basis?

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What are they searching for on the Internet?

Internet users in Romania are spending 280 minutes online every day and they mainly interested in news, music, medical or cultural information, reveals statistics of the Romanian Joint Industry Committee for Print and Internet (BRAT).

Internet seems to be highly popular particularly among youngsters. So, 95% of the teens aged 14 to 24 are using the Internet townward and 82% of the same age group is surfing the net in the countryside.

75% of the net users check their e-mail, 63% access online services websites, 20% are browsing gambling and sport bet sites. 30 percent of the city dwellers are shopping online, while 26 pc of the youngsters aged 25 to 34 make online bank operations.

Most of the users are looking for information on search engines (84%), 75% use the e-mail and 74% access the social networks.

72% watch videos, 69% read news, 64% search for classifieds, 63% look for information about products or services they want to buy, 48% listen to audio files.

The main topics of interest of the Romanian Internet surfers are news (over 53 pc) and music (30 pc). Health and medicine are ranked third. 40% of the net users are keen for culture, films, cinema, 36% for gastronomy and recipes, 36% for education and personal development. 32% are interested in trips and holidays, 30% in home designs and revamping, 27% in software and IT and 26% in politics.

According to BRAT, there are currently 8 million Internet users countrywide, out of whom over 6,5 millions are using Internet on a daily basis.

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