How much money has Untold produced for Cluj this year?

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Cluj-Napoca has earned over EUR 45 million from UNTOLD festival this year. The money spent by those over 300,000 spectators will be reflected in the local taxes and fees, but also in the revenues of the local businesses or of those who rented apartments.

Each of the spectators who came outside Cluj spent on average at least EUR 150 for a four-day stay, meaning for accommodation, transport, restaurants, pubs, shopping, sightseeing (museums and others), according to the festival’s organisers.

“Among those over 372,000 spectators attending the four days of the Untold festival many can still be seen on the streets of the city. Organisers estimated that 20% of the total audience were from Cluj, 20% came from abroad and the rest of 60% came from the rest of Romania.

Considering those 300,000 guests who came from other cities and abroad spend on average at least EUR 150/four days, this means a capital injection of over EUR 45 million,” the press release says.

Spectators came from such countries as UK, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Austria, Poland, Hungary, but also from more remote countries like Argentina, Brazil, India or China.

The organizers say that Cluj-Napoca and Romania have gained in terms of image after Untold. The budget of the festival this year mounted to EUR 16 million.

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