Huge anti-discrimination origami in Cluj-Napoca

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15,000 pieces of paper were used to make a lotus flower-like origami in an attempt to raise awareness against discrimination.

A team of artist in Cluj-Napoca helped by volunteers made the origami, then stuck the pieces on several walls in the city.

The volunteers have worked for 750 hours to make the origami and the sticking process took 14 hours.

“It is a work inspired by a international artist’s creation that inspired us to use this color scheme representing all the good things in the world,” Razvan Luca, project’s coordinator told Digi24.

The message included in the origami work was made within the European Youth Capital Cluj-Napoca 2015.

The youngsters involved in this project want to make something special on every day of 15th each month of the year. For example, on January 15, all transportation in Cluj-Napoca were decorated with contemporary and classic authors’ quotes.

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