I breathe Shakespeare on November 12 to 15


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Bucharest is hosting the “I breathe Shakespeare” festival between November 12 and 15, an event spotlighting conferences, theater performances and film screenings.

The festival will take place at the Peasant Club and at Bucharest Museum (Sutu Palace). Moreover, the festival will host at the Peasant Club a mini book fair.

Entrance is free to all events included in the program.

 In the program:

Wednesday, November 12:

– 6.30 p.m., Peasant Club: Opening.

– 7 p.m., Peasant Club: Conference: Remus Breazu – “To be vague”.

– 8 p.m., Peasant Club: Reading-spectacle: “The night of our discontent” (by Frédéric Lemaire Cajal; with: Bogdan Nechifor, Alexandra S?lceanu, Catinca Maria Nistor).


Thursday, November 13:

– 7 p.m., Peasant Club: Conference: Robert Coravu – “Pseudonym: Shakespeare”.

– 8 p.m., Peasant Club: “And after the corner…” (Ritual by Sebastian Grama).


Friday, November 14:

– 5 p.m., Bucharest Museum, Su?u Palace:

Conference: Grigore Vida – “Shakespeare is Bacon. The history of an assignment” .

– 7 p.m., Peasant Club: The moment of the Surrealist Club.

– 8 p.m., Peasant Club: Spectacle (lights and shadows and not only):

“Midsummer night’s dream”


Saturday, November 15:

– 7 p.m., Peasant Club: Conference: ?erban Anghelescu – “Tolstoi reading Shakespeare”.

– 7 p.m., Peasant Club: Short Film: “The merchant’s return” (by Andrei Adam).

– 8 p.m., Peasant Club: Spectacle: “William Shakespeare’s totally shorted works” (by J. Borgeson, A. Long and D. Singer; with: Dan R?dulescu, Andrei Seu?an, Ionu? Grama; Director: Eugen Gyemant).

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