‘Illegitimate’ Romanian film, in vogue at Berlin Festival

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Illegitimate” independent feature film directed by Adrian Sitaru, lifted the roof at the world premiere within the 66th of the Berlin Festival, Berlinale 2016, on Saturday.

The director revealed that the movie was produced with a low budget, EUR 57,000 and with shootings lasting only two weeks.

The movie tells the story of a family consisting of four brothers and a father, gynecologist by trade. When the father confesses that he used to round on his pregnant patients who aborted their babies to the Securitate political police during the communist regime, his children end up blaming him. He defends himself, saying that he is against abortion and if he weren’t, the two twins would have never existed and would have never accused him now. The father leaves his home, with the family tearing apart and things going really mad.

The film will be screened in Romanian theatres starting March 14.

‘Illegitimate’ was selected among the 44 productions with the Forum non-competitive section, dedicated to documentaries and experimental movies by young filmmakers, which presents annually a selection of movies focused on the avant-garde, experiment, essay or political feature or the unearth of some unknown yet cinemas.

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